What Our Clients Say

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At SilverDisc we provide a friendly, personal and professional service to help you increase conversions and leads, and impress your customers. But don’t just take our word for it. See what our clients have to say about our digital marketing and website development services.

We came across SilverDisc ten years ago and we've been working closely with them ever since. They deal with all of our digital marketing, such as PPC and SEO. SilverDisc are excellent and we've been with them for such a long time they are more like an extension of our own team rather than a third party supplier. Our relationship is very informal, and we communicate on a daily basis and with monthly and quarterly meetings. They understand our business to the core and all of their services are tailored to us. I couldn't recommend them highly enough.

Mayank Shukla, Head of eCommerce

AnswerBank Limited has been working with SilverDisc for over ten years, and they have been successfully helping us build our visitors to now over one million per month. We originally brought in SilverDisc to build a scalable platform to allow us to grow, back in 2007-8 as our previous developers struggled to create a stable IT architecture framework. That core software still sits at the heart of AnswerBank, a social meeting place focusing on members' questions and answers. Over the years we have created strong recurring revenues based on the advertising platform SilverDisc built and maintains for us. Going forward we expect to grow our relationship with SilverDisc as we adapt to changes and opportunities.  

Paul McGroary, Managing Director

SilverDisc delivers the enquiries that we need to make this business successful, which makes us more profitable. These companies usually start well then fade but this hasn't happened with SilverDisc.

David Lee, Sales & Marketing Manager

Alan is a very credible and knowledgeable person in the industry so he's someone that I would trust. I like the fact that they're a smallish company so you can speak to Alan, as well as other people in the business, to get things done. We've been working together for quite a while on and off, over 15 years maybe. They're more personal which I think is a quality other marketing companies might have lost having gone on to use systems to get the job done, but SilverDisc still do it on a personal level. We've benefited from the knowledge that I've gained and obviously they've managed to produce performance in Pay Per Click which is a key area for us.

David Smith, CEO & Co-Founder, Book Your Lifestyle

I knew about SilverDisc before and Alan's background is part of the reason we went with them, as they're highly experienced in Pay Per Click which is what we need at the moment. It's increased the number of visitors we get to the website every month. They're a local business and they're easy to get hold of, and they're very knowledgeable.

Mark Jansen, Digital Marketing Manager

The reason why I initially chose SilverDisc was because Alan Perkins created a friendly and approachable way and talked about the website design etc. in a way that I could understand, having a fairly basic knowledge of IT generally.  So although Alan obviously is extremely knowledgeable he puts it across in a way that's easy to understand.

David Gee

I like the way that SilverDisc take time to understand your business, and interpret it thorough the digital marketing world in ways that you can understand and incorporate successfully into our business strategy. SilverDisc have given us a better understanding of digital marketing strategies, and they have effectively increased business introductions to Arkle.
SilverDisc are much better than other similar companies we've used in the past.  They make the process easy to understand, and are able to swiftly adapt ongoing marketing strategies to react to market trends. In these days of millennial and disruptive strategies, SilverDisc are not only cutting edge but outpacing so called disruptors!

Brian Jerome, Associate Director

We have, for many years, employed SilverDisc as our online marketing agency (allowing them to manage all aspects of our online marketing) and we have always found them to be a valuable business partner who has helped grow our business into a multi-million pound turnover one. We would have no hesitation in recommending SilverDisc to other businesses.

Andrew Dunkerley, Marketing Director

SilverDisc has brought my website and business into the 21st century and I've been very impressed with the levels of professionalism and responsiveness during that process from everyone I have dealt with. They absolutely understood what was required and delivered on time. I would certainly recommend their services.

Paolo De Paolis, Owner

Since running our Pay Per Click campaign SilverDisc has significantly improved the response to our search engine advertising campaigns, simultaneously improving our conversion rate whilst actually reducing our average cost per click and hence cost per sale. 

Although it is never possible to determine exactly which factors have what direct influence on business growth due to the numerous business drivers we have no doubts that SilverDisc has contributed significantly to our business growth. Furthermore our business growth since using SilverDisc has significantly out stripped our search engine advertising cost growth. Long may it continue!

Guy Broadest, Managing Director