Client: Arkle Finance

Arkle Finance: Growing PPC Enquiries

An 11% increase in paid search spend led to an 82% increase in conversions

By focusing on the optimisation of existing campaigns, the pausing of poor performing areas as well as launching new areas in clear and specific campaign structures, we were able to increase conversions at a far greater rate than clicks and account spend.

An 11% increase in paid search spend led to an 82% increase in conversions, with account optimisation work leading to a 67% increase in conversion rates and a 38% decrease in cost per lead figures for Q2 2018.

At the time of writing the paid search accounts look set to surpass the 33% increase in conversions by the end of 2018. With further expansion and optimisation work planned for the next quarter, the accounts look set to continue their growth for the remainder of the year.


The Challenge

To aid Arkle Finance's growth strategy, SilverDisc identified opportunities to increase online lead enquries through paid search. The aim was to:

  • Grow conversions through paid search by 33% in 2018 compared with 2017

Our Approach

To facilitate this growth, SilverDisc's actions involved:

  • Running client and competitor analysis to identify new sectors and industries to target
  • Using the Google Keyword Planner tool to identify new valuable keywords for paid search campaign expansion
  • Creating specific landing pages in-house to provide a highly relevant page experience for users
  • Analysing the existing paid search campaigns to reduce spend wastage and increasing budgets in Arkle’s top performing campaigns
  • Writing new relevant, keyword themed ad text to improve click through rates
  • Using Google and Bing Ads search term reports to exclude irrelevant searches for improved search traffic quality

The Results

For Q2 in 2018, compared with Q2 in 2017, Arkle Finance paid search campaigns saw:

  • A growth in search campaign click volume by 9% for Q2 2018 compared with Q2 2017
  • Increased conversions by 82% and conversion rates by 67% whilst benefiting from a 38% decrease in cost per conversion

Increased Search Click Volume by 9%

We assessed existing areas on the Arkle Finance website that have not been targeted using paid search, as well as meeting with Arkle Finance to discuss which sectors they perform well in. Additionally, we researched Arkle’s competitors to decide on new areas to focus on. Using Google’s Keyword Planner tool, we performed keyword research to assess relevant terms and potential search volumes.

Arkle Finance’s website was built by SilverDisc and any landing page additions were easily done in-house by our team. Our content marketing team were able to write highly specific content using our keyword research, which improved landing page relevancy and general user experience for searchers.

Paid search campaigns for the new sectors were created in Google AdWords and Bing Ads, using keyword research and new landing pages, which led to increased searches and click volume.

Increased Conversion Rates and decreased Cost Per Conversion

Alongside the expansion of the Arkle Finance paid search accounts, we also reviewed the existing campaigns in the accounts to streamline their performance.

Based on historic performance we identified the best performing sectors in paid search for Arkle Finance. From this analysis, we negotiated campaign budget increases with Arkle to allow for further growth in the account. Keyword bids were also increased in top performing areas to ensure that we were more aggressive in driving conversions.

Spend wastage was reduced by pausing poorer performing areas in the Google AdWords and Bing Ads. New keyword focused ad copy and the use of search term reports to identify negative keyword additions helped to improve search traffic quality and increase click through rates in the accounts.

"In these days of millennial and disruptive strategies, SilverDisc are not only cutting edge but outpacing so called disruptors!"

Brian Jerome at Arkle Finance
Arkle Finance
Brian Jerome, Associate Director