Client: Kempston Controls

Increasing Revenue and Expanding PPC Reach

PPC account restructure and automation resulted in a 472% increase in revenue

Kempston Controls is an electrical components distributor based in Rushden, Northamptonshire. The company wanted to work with SilverDisc to increase their online sales and achieve their goals for growth. SilverDisc implemented a new marketing strategy which included restructuring the PPC account, using automated bidding solutions and automating ads for 240,000 products.

The Challenge

Kempston Controls were delivering good returns from their small ad spend, but had a strong desire to expand their online advertising. They realised their competitors were dominating online and wanted to gain some market share. The goals Kempston Controls wanted to reach were:

  • Grow conversions (sales) efficiently
  • Increase revenue generated through PPC
  • Expand account reach
  • Improve ROAS of account
  • Work to a COA target

Our Approach

To reach this goal, SilverDisc’s work on the PPC account included:

  • Re-structuring the PPC account/approach – we built approximately 20,000+ ad groups and multiple new campaigns to cover more of the product range
  • Introducing new shopping campaigns with a focus on specific product margins by making recommendations for feed improvements
  • Making CRO recommendations for the website to improve the user journey
  • Introducing automated bidding solutions
  • Introducing Dynamic Search Ads campaigns
  • Creating Responsive Search Ads

The Results

Between November 2017 and May 2019, Kempston Controls saw the following changes (compared to the previous 18 months):

  • An increase in paid website traffic + 354.58%
  • An increase in paid transactions + 473.47%
  • An increase in paid revenue + 472.41%

Combining Technical and Marketing Knowledge with Strong Relationships

The strong relationship between the two companies, as well as SilverDisc’s extensive technical and strategic knowledge, were all contributing factors to the success of this project and ongoing growth for Kempston Controls.

Kempston Controls has since invested further in online marketing by recruiting new staff for a digital team and converting warehouse space at their head office in Rushden into a “Digital Marketing Suite”.

SilverDisc and Kempston Controls look forward to continuing a long and successful relationship.