Client: Stanair

Website Redesign and Tracking Solution

Stanair’s new website and tracking solution delivered emphatic results

Stanair Industrial Door Services Ltd provides installation, repair and servicing of industrial doors and premises security. Into their 46th year, Stanair operates throughout the Midlands from their branches in Kettering, Milton Keynes, Peterborough and Rugby.

The Challenge

Stanair wanted to grow online enquiries, as well as to be able to accurately measure the number of completed jobs that were sourced via the website.

Our Approach

To attain this goal, SilverDisc’s work included:

  • Building a new responsive Drupal 8 website designed to generate enquiries online and by phone
  • Designing pages with clear calls to action above the fold
  • Setting up tracking to allow Stanair to measure enquiries generated online
  • Creating a process with Stanair to cross-reference online enquiries with their internal CRM to provide end-to-end measurement

The Results

  • Emphatic increase in verified website enquiries and website calls
  • 9.57% improvement in bounce rate
  • 83.06% increase in average session duration

The improvement in bounce rates and session durations on both desktop and mobile devices shows that more visitors are exploring the website. Seeing improvements on both device types was important to us as they both play their part in the enquiry process.

Following our persona analysis, we knew that people calling for emergency repairs would likely be doing so by phone, so having a mobile-responsive website that made it easy to contact Stanair was crucial. At the same time, we also knew that the majority of site visitors are from desktop devices, by office staff whose role it is to source quotes for new industrial doors, so we needed to ensure that the desktop experience was equally as rewarding.

Previously, measuring online enquiries was a longer process. There was no online enquiry tracking in place and any website enquiries had to be tallied via emails, which led to relatively few enquiries for the 12 months prior to the new website launch.

On the new website, using contact form tracking and goal tracking in Google Analytics, we set up a simplified approach to measure and report on website enquiries. Additionally, we set up a process whereby Stanair could cross-reference the online enquiries with their own CRM and measure the job value and progress from start to finish. The combination of the new website and the online enquiry tracking allowed us to generate a huge increase in verified enquiries from November 2019 to March 2020.

Event-based tracking was also set up on website phone numbers, allowing for micro-conversions to be tracked when a user clicks on the phone numbers. This led to a further large increase in tracked calls in the same timeframe.

With SilverDisc quickly forming a strong working relationship with Stanair, SilverDisc’s extensive technical and strategic knowledge directly contributed to a very large increase in enquiries. This has required Stanair to put new systems in place to keep up with demand.

SilverDisc and Stanair look forward to continuing a long and successful relationship.