Set Your Long-term Business Goals Firmly in Your Sights

You have high hopes for your website. You want it to work hard for you, bringing in customers not just in the short term, but for a long time to come. You need a digital marketing strategy that will attract organic visitors to your site so that you can win them over, time and time again. We understand. Whatever your business goals, we can implement a long-term SEO strategy to help you achieve them.

Guidance From Thought Leaders

We literally wrote the book on SEO – well, partially, at least. Our founder contributed to the original Google Webmaster Guidelines back in 2001, and we’ve been filling our heads with SEO knowledge and using it to improve our clients’ businesses ever since.

Other agencies make SEO sound hard, but we have a super-simple approach that is proven to work - architecture, content and links. We’ll work strategically and tactically on these three areas with you to make a huge difference to your organic traffic and the results you see from it.

Alan Perkins
Founder & Director

Solid Marketing Foundations

We consider all of your digital marketing systematically, with the system components working together to deliver a solution that is uniquely designed for your business. SEO is an integral part of that system, so all SEO work we do is in support of your other digital marketing activities and your overall marketing performance.

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What We Can Offer

Whether you already have a website with good SEO architecture or you need a new website built from the ground up with SEO at its foundation, we can help.

We are technical experts used to dealing with big data, and we are well-equipped to provide bespoke technical SEO solutions for issues such as:

Writing and Content Creation
Tell stories that both your customers and Google will recognise as useful and engaging content
Technical Website Architecture
Create an SEO-friendly website with a layout and structure that makes it easy for Google - and your customers - to find you
Local SEO
Appear more in Google Maps and local searches to let your nearby customers find you
Off-Page SEO
Make an impact both on your website and elsewhere on the web by harnessing the power of off-page SEO
Mobile Optimisation
Tap into the huge audience now on mobile by ensuring your big ideas are optimised for small screens
Multiple Platforms
Don't limit yourself - target as many customers as possible no matter where they are, what language they speak, or what technology they use
Dynamic Content
Customise your website content based on user input. while ensuring each page is easy for search bots to crawl
Large Databases and Product Feeds
Manage a large inventory and show off every product you sell without compromising on good SEO

SEO Resources

We love sharing our knowledge to help businesses achieve success. Find our shareable SEO resources below, including the latest news and trends, marketing advice, case studies and testimonials.

"SilverDisc has delivered great results with our digital marketing, leading to much increased revenue and profit."

Mark Jansen - Kempston Controls
Kempston Controls
Mark Jansen, Digital Marketing Manager