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Sam Alexandra Rose

20th December 2022

SilverDisc’s Top Ten Blog Posts of 2022

Every year, we round up our most popular blog posts so you can see what we were writing about and which digital marketing topics were important to our readers. Let’s dive in!


10. How to Use Google Analytics for SEO

By Carey, 28th February 2022

In at number ten, Carey took us through how to use Google Analytics for SEO, including identifying issues, connecting Analytics to Google Search Console, setting up goals, tracking metrics, and more.


9. Why is Mobile-First Design Important for SEO?

By Carey, 7th February 2022

We’re back with Carey and she’s explaining what mobile-first design is and how it’s come about through a brief history of responsive design over the years. She rounds off with some wise words about why mobile-first design is important for your SEO and user experience.


8. How to Use Google Search Console for SEO

By Andy, 23rd March 2022

We’re back to basics with another SEO tool – this time Google Search Console. If you’re not sure about any of the great tools in this piece of software, read on to find out how it can help with your SEO.


7. How to Develop a Content Marketing Strategy

By Perry, 12th January 2022

Content marketing is a huge topic, so it can be daunting coming up with a strategy to stick to. In this blog post, Perry uses the game Dungeons and Dragons to illustrate some important points about identifying your audience, preparing your content, and using all the resources at your disposal.


6. Can You Do SEO If You Don't Have A Blog?

By Andy, 5th August 2022

If your website doesn’t have a blog, can you still do SEO effectively or do you really need somewhere to post new content to target your chosen keywords? You may already guess what our answer is, but read Andy’s blog post for a full explanation.


5. How To Create A Successful Google Shopping Campaign: Part 2 - Google Ads

By Jason, 6th January 2022

Over to our PPC expert now, and this is part two of Jason’s two-part series on Google Shopping campaigns. Read the first one here to get up to speed first.


4. What Does the Phasing Out of Third-Party Cookies Mean for Your Website?

By Andy, 24th June 2022

The end of third-party cookies was a hot topic in 2022, and the debate on how best to proceed will continue into the new year. Read this article from Andy to understand the basics of what’s happening and why.


3. What Is Deep Site Architecture In SEO?

By Sam, 23rd February 2022

What is the difference between deep site architecture and flat site architecture, which one does your website currently have and which is best for your SEO, as well as the user experience? Read on to find out.


2. What Is Keyword URL Mapping In SEO?

By Sam, 8th April 2022

Back with me, we’re explaining keyword URL mapping through the medium of alpacas! This was a very fun article to write and hopefully a fun and informative read, too.


1. Should Your Business Have A Facebook Page, Group Or Both?

By Andy, 18th May 2022

Facebook pages, Facebook groups – which is best, and do you need both? Our most popular blog post this year was Andy’s explanation of how you can decide which one is right for your business.


Thanks for reading this year, and we look forward to another year of helping you get the most out of your digital marketing in 2023.

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