Andy Pullen

Andy Pullen

8th December 2022

The Best Marketing Moments of 2022

This year there have certainly been some ups and downs. From the sad passing of Queen Elizabeth II to the triumph of the Women’s Euros, it's certainly been a chaotic year when you also factor in the cost-of-living crisis. 

In light of these historic events, the marketing world has been working hard to keep up with so much news. For marketers, it has been a whirlwind of a year, with so much to talk about and post about. 

There have been some brilliant and creative marketing campaigns this year, and some controversial ones. Let’s take at the best marketing moments of 2022: 


Kicking off this year's best moments is EE’s Hope United campaign which was released in line with the Women’s Euro Football Championship. This powerful campaign was launched to tackle online sexist hate while delivering powerful messages of strength and perseverance. 

The advert featured various players from the Women’s Euro team and cleverly demonstrated the less glamorous side of everyday life as a professional female footballer and the challenges they face on social media and the issues surrounding gender biases. 

This campaign certainly hit the back of the net. As part of Hope United, BT and EE have collaborated to tackle online hate. According to this study, "In just 2 months, the Hope United team educated over 3.7 million people in the UK on how to fight online hate. BT successfully changed the perception of many football fans, with 24% of people who saw social content saying they were ‘now more likely to report offensive behaviour online.” The campaign also won Silver for the DMA Best Thoughtful Marketing Campaign. 

Stranger Things 

I don’t know about you but I couldn’t wait for season four of Stranger Things. The ever-growing popularity of the show was enhanced this year with their large-scale marketing campaigns. 

This season's promotion took immersive marketing to a whole new level. This year they didn’t disappoint, not only with the series but also in their marketing. Before the release of season four, they created sculptures and projected images onto famous landmarks all over the world. 

A lifelike sculpture appeared on Bondi Beach in Australia, an image was projected onto the Empire State Building, and another appeared on the Menara Kuala Lumpar tower in Malaysia. See the incredible photos

The aim of this campaign was to immerse fans in an alternate reality and make them feel like they were living in an episode, which is awesome! I wonder what marketing campaigns they have in store for the fifth and final season... we know it’s going to be epic! 

CBP London 

CBP London produced one of the best marketing campaigns this year. Released in conjuncture with International Women’s Day this year’s campaign focused on fighting gender stereotypes in the workplace. 

Drawing attention to the unconscious biases and stereotypes surrounding gender made people think and it certainly got people talking. They designed simple posters with phrases like ‘’imagine a CEO. Is it a man?’’ or ‘’imagine a nurse. Is it a woman?’’ 

The posters were placed at cinemas, billboards and on social media platforms to spread awareness about stereotypes in the workplace. It certainly got everyone talking and the campaign performed extremely well. In total the campaign generated: 

  • 4.7 million + impressions 

  • 250,000 + engagement on social media 

  • 10.28% organic engagement  


How can we not round up the year without talking about an organisation that has marketed at one of, if not the biggest sporting event of the year – the Super Bowl. Every marketer knows that this event draws the eyes of millions which is why if you're advertising you need to be creative and Coinbase certainly were this year. 

Aired during this year’s Super Bowl, Coinbase featured an ad which consisted entirely of a QR code that bounced around the screen for 60 seconds. Users who managed to capture the code received $15 in bitcoin if they signed up to Coinbase. 

It proved to be one of the campaigns of the year. The ad delivered up to more than 20 million hits on their landing page in one minute and as a result the app temporarily crashed! 

It certainly didn’t follow the usual Super Bowl-style ads. Although it goes down as one of the most expensive ads, it got people to act immediately and was one of the best campaigns of the year! 

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