A systematic approach for great marketing results

Digital Marketing Systems

Perfecting your digital marketing is an ongoing, iterative process – there’s always new technology to test, new strategies to implement and new data to analyse. SilverDisc has a systemised approach to digital marketing that delivers the best results fast.

We will work with you to design, build and execute your own custom digital marketing system.


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Your Goals

We always begin with your goals – what do you want your digital marketing to deliver? This defines the tools we use, the approach we take and how we monitor and report on progress. These goals may be short or long-term, and specific to one or two aspects of your digital marketing, or they may be the overarching goals for your business.

Sample goals would be “We require 300 leads per month at £10 per lead”, or “We require £100K of added revenue per month at no greater than 8% cost of advertising”.



Once we’ve helped determine your goals, we work with you to define a strategy that will deliver on those goals. What tools do you need, what people and services should we provide, what custom engineering is required, where do we start and what do we measure to get to your goal?



Now that we have a strategy in place, it’s time to begin building. This may involve anything, depending on your needs: building a brand new website from scratch, overhauling a paid ads account to turn it from lossmaking to profitmaking, or writing some custom code to create feeds into shopping engines. However we do it, we make sure that your website is set up for any marketing activities we’ll be undertaking.



The marketing we carry out for you may be PPC, SEO, social media, email marketing, or a combination. Our focus is on your needs, which depend on the unique nature of your business, your target audience and your budget. The marketing channels are designed to work together with your prospects along their respective customer journeys. Modern customer journeys can involve many touchpoints across several platforms; it’s important that your marketing takes account of this so as not to drop the prospect at a crucial stage.



We keep a close eye on how we are progressing towards your goals, reporting back to you and collaborating with you to ensure that everything is heading in the right direction.

Through our measurement and communication with you, we’ll know what’s working well and we should do more of, and where we could further optimise your digital marketing. And so the cycle continues – as we meet your goals or your business changes, we continue to strategise, engineer, market and measure.

As our digital marketing system shows, everything we do for you is informed by your goals, and we’re at the centre of it all, managing your digital marketing every step of the way.

Getting Started With SilverDisc

Give SilverDisc a call or contact us online to let us know the support you are looking for.

Once we know a little about you, we’ll arrange a meeting to further discuss your needs and agree on the best way we can help you to reach your goals.

We’ll proceed by creating a strategy for your website development, marketing or both, which will be informed by your knowledge of your business and your preferences as well as our digital marketing expertise.

What To Expect When Working With SilverDisc

We’ll get to know your business and find out what you want to achieve with your digital marketing, and together we’ll agree on the best strategy for your business.

If we’re designing and developing a website for you, you’ll be looked after by a project manager who will co-ordinate the design, build and content creation or migration for your website.

If we’re helping you with your digital marketing, you’ll have a dedicated account manager as your main point of contact – and your marketing may be undertaken by a combination of experts in PPC, SEO, development, content marketing and more across our team.

We’ll be in touch regularly through email, phone calls and face-to-face meetings to report on progress and ensure your happiness throughout our relationship.

"Our online sales results have grown considerably since we first started working with SilverDisc. We find the skills that the agency holds incredibly valuable in helping us develop our online sales goals"

Martin Mason, Managing Director