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When choosing which website provider will build your company’s website, there’s no question that there are plenty of options out there. However, not every website provider can build fast and responsive websites with a 99.95% uptime.

Not every agency uses a flexible CMS that enables you to display your content exactly as you’ve always envisioned it.

Not all companies will design a website that is both user-friendly and perfectly represents your brand, while also adhering to SEO guidelines and handling content migration, all with your business goals in mind.

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Fast, Secure and Responsive as Standard

Your website should be available on any device, at any time. That’s why our websites are functional and visually appealing whether your visitors are on desktop, tablet or mobile. Our servers provide excellent reliability, with fast speeds and a 99.95% uptime. Plus, you can rest assured your website will be safe with us as we build security into both the website and the hosting environment. Our dedicated systems administrators are on hand to ensure the highest levels of cybersecurity.

SilverDisc uses techniques such as caching, lazy loading and more to ensure your website loads quickly on all devices. This is essential for usability as well as SEO.

SilverDisc website hosting provides excellent value for money, with our unrivalled support, monitoring and security ensuring your website is always running at its best. Find out what our hosting, monitoring, maintenance and security service includes.

SilverDisc Websites Work Across All Devices

Custom Elements and Page Builder

Our lead-gen websites are built on the Drupal CMS platform with the help of our unique custom elements page builder. These custom elements enable us to create flexible pages that you can use to display content in many different ways, so you can tell your story and showcase your products and services exactly how you would like to.

No longer will you be forced into a rigid templated page, but instead you’ll have the ability to add what you need when you need it.

Our custom elements demo page shows an example of the types of pages that can be easily made using custom elements, with no coding required.

Drupal is an enterprise-level CMS that has the potential to grow alongside your business. It is extendable by design, which makes it futureproof should you need to make big changes to your content at any time.

Solid SEO Foundations

A SilverDisc website comes packed with all the features you’ll need to boost your SEO efforts. Every website benefits from the following SEO features:

  • Customisable page titles and metadata
  • Schema XML customisation
  • Opengraph customisation
  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Google Analytics and Search Console Integration
  • Fast page speeds
  • AMP functionality to speed up loading for news posts
  • URL alias patterns and customisation
  • XML sitemap as standard

Guidance From Thought Leaders

We literally wrote the book on SEO – well, partially, at least. Our founder contributed to the original Google Webmaster Guidelines back in 2001, and we’ve been improving clients’ SEO ever since. This vast experience of SEO in our holster allows us to ensure our sites are engineered perfectly for ongoing SEO. Once your website is built, we can work with you on an ongoing basis to help boost your rankings and meet your traffic and sales goals.

Designed and Built by CRO Experts

SilverDisc has years of experience in building and optimising sites for maximum conversions. It’s what we do. Before designing or building your site, we’ll discuss your goals and targets and ensure that we build a website perfectly positioned to achieve them.

The key to good CRO and an increased ROI is a cycle of strategy, implementation and testing. SilverDisc can assist with your website CRO on an ongoing basis - we’ll help you to unlock your site’s potential by making informed decisions based on hard experimental evidence. Our years of experience and knowledge will help you to get results more quickly.

Content Migration Service

We understand that moving many years’ worth of content can be daunting but it doesn’t have to be. We have the technical expertise to assist with full content migration.

We have in-house tools which can collect data from existing websites or other content sources such as Google Sheets or CSVs and import into your site once or periodically.

Import your products to your site using a SilverDisc stock updater. Take the effort out of stock control and focus on growing your business.

In-house Design Team

All SilverDisc websites benefit from a custom design created by our in-house design team which represents your brand perfectly. 

But we don’t just create pretty looking websites. We focus on creating user-friendly and technically sound websites built for your digital marketing success.


SilverDisc specialises in building websites for retailers and our team has years of experience working with e-commerce businesses.

Our e-commerce websites are built on the Magento platform and serve as a powerful B2C and B2B commerce tool. With merchandising and segmentation options, order and inventory management, business intelligence, and third-party integration opportunities, Magento is extremely comprehensive. An open-source platform with a large and active community, customisable security permissions alongside our website hosting and cyber security offering make our websites a very safe offering for e-commerce businesses.

Robust, with the ability to process a large number of products and orders easily, our websites offer other e-commerce functionality including promotions, setting discounts and providing customers with coupons

Third-Party Integrations

Your website needs to work seamlessly as part of your existing workflow to help your sales team follow up on leads and close sales. With a SilverDisc website, any leads, orders and customer details can be delivered straight to your CRM or accounts package.

SilverDisc has in-depth experience working with APIs sending data to Sage, Zoho, Salesforce, HubSpot and many more.

Media Library

Our websites are all built with an on-site media library, meaning you can upload images, videos and files to the site and find them again easily to reuse them across different pages or in email newsletters.

Customisable Site Search

SilverDisc websites can be built with a powerful site search function that returns relevant results for users. This allows your users to easily locate the content they need and ultimately helps to deliver the conversions you require.

We can even customise your site search by boosting the pages you would most like your customers to visit.

Enquiry Form Processor

SilverDisc’s form processor operates behind the scenes to improve the functionality of forms on your website. It filters out unwanted spam submissions and forwards legitimate submissions to the relevant departments within your business, as chosen by you.

Send sales enquiries directly to your sales teams, send comments or queries to your customer service team and benefit from a more efficient and streamlined communications system.

The SilverDisc Website Experience

SilverDisc has been designing and building websites for decades. During this time we’ve refined and perfected our process. Below are the key stages we will work through to get your site delivered.


Project Scoping and Specification

You will be assigned an experienced project manager who will be your point of contact throughout the project. They will get to know your business and work alongside you to outline your goals and targets. A technical specification will be drawn up from these targets and passed on to the design team.

At this point, the cost of the website and the delivery date may need to be adjusted to ensure you are getting value for money and the website we build will deliver the results you need.

A schedule will be created and agreed upon.

Creating Visuals

Now that SilverDisc has a good idea of the site you need, your assigned project manager will communicate these requirements along with any branding guidelines to our design team.

You will have the opportunity to review the initial designs and provide any feedback before we create the final designs and move onto the next stage of the project.

Website Build

This is where it goes quiet for a while, but we’ll be working hard in the background. Our expert development team will read through the technical specifications alongside the signed off visuals and get to work on building your site. Your project manager will give you regular progress updates.

Once built, the site will be hosted on our development server so it can go through a thorough testing process before moving onto the next stage.

Content Migration

Depending on the size of your website, the content upload will either be a manual or an automated process. SilverDisc will be there to help you with this process from start to finish.

You will be given a face-to-face training session on how to use the website content management system (CMS), including following best practices for SEO and accessibility.


With all of your content now on the site, it’s back to the development team who will run through our extensive pre-launch checklist. We’ll also take care of all redirects to ensure your SEO is unaffected.

Once all parties are happy with the final product, the website will be launched.

Post Launch

Our relationship doesn’t end when we’ve launched your website - there are many things that we do to keep your website maintained, secure and working as it should. We use our 24-hour monitoring system to quickly deal with any uptime issues that may arise, but we don’t just react to potential issues - we’re proactive, too. We keep your website backed up every day and can recover data for five days. 

We provide security firewalls, guard your website against cyber-attacks, upgrade your server software when needed and ensure your SSL certificate is up to date. We’re also on hand to make any changes you would like to make on an ad-hoc basis, such as changes to users and logins.

SilverDisc doesn’t just build websites - we are both technologists and digital marketers, and for many of our clients, once their website is built we work with them to develop a digital marketing strategy to help them meet their goals. We will determine which marketing channels are best for your business, including PPC, SEO, social media and email marketing, and set to work on implementing, monitoring and continuously improving the chosen strategy. 

Many of our clients have been with us for years and trust us not only to build and maintain their websites, but to help them use their entire digital marketing system to reach online success.

“Since the launch of the website, it has performed robustly, way beyond our expectations, and our IT division has found in SilverDisc a seamless counterpart to grow and integrate the e-commerce platform with our back-office systems.”

- Mike Mayhew, Handy Online

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