We Send the Emails, You Receive the Sales

Send emails that people will be excited to open. Send emails that drive traffic back to your website and result in more business for you. Send emails that win you not just repeat business, but new customers. It’s all possible when your email marketing is handled by SilverDisc.

Email Marketing That Works

Say goodbye to the days of sending out emails only to receive tumbleweed in response. Where you were once shouting into the ether, we’ll make sure your voice is not only heard, but persuasive and relevant enough to generate sales. Plus, we’ll monitor trends and measure the success of each campaign, making improvements based on real data.

Targeted and Personalised Messaging

We know your customers aren’t all the same. The best email marketing is personalised and targeted to show people only what they’re interested in. We use segmentation and automation to deliver the most relevant messages to each customer, resulting in more emails opened and more business for you.

A Seamless Digital Marketing System

Email marketing isn’t a standalone activity – it should tie in with the rest of your marketing efforts and be supported by the content it drives traffic back to. Email forms part of your digital marketing system where website design, content, email and more works together to help you do more business.

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Email Marketing Resources

We love sharing our knowledge to help your business achieve success. Find all of our email marketing resources below, including the latest news and trends, marketing advice, case studies and testimonials.

"In particular, they have greatly improved the response to our PPC campaigns, increasing our conversion rate while reducing our cost per sale."

Sam Perkins - Owner