Client: Springfield

Increasing Organic Sessions and Conversions

Our SEO strategy delivered a 34.66% increase in organic traffic

Springfield is a modular building and portable accommodation manufacturer, producing buildings from its 40,000 square foot space in St Helens. To market Springfield’s fully customisable, state of the art properties, SilverDisc provides PPC, SEO, social media and email marketing services.

The Challenge

Springfield wanted to improve the organic performance of their key webpages and prevent the number of sessions from plateauing at the start of the new year. The aim for SilverDisc was to:

  • Deliver year-on-year improvement in the number of sessions from organic sources

Our Approach 

To reach this goal, SilverDisc’s SEO work included:

  • Conducting an SEO audit to discover the site’s organic strengths and weaknesses
  • Reviewing and updating metadata and content on key landing pages
  • Monitoring and measuring top-level session data and continuously optimising for improvements

The Results 

As a result of the above actions, Springfield saw:

  • A year-on-year 34.66% increase in sessions comparing January – July 2019 to the same period in 2018
  • A 39.38% increase in unique website users
  • A 69.57% increase in contact forms received
  • A 65.61% increase in brochure downloads
  • Key landing pages appearing in featured snippets on Google’s search results pages (see below)


Key landing pages appearing in featured snippets on Google’s search results pages

A Winning SEO Strategy

We began implementing our SEO strategy by conducting an SEO audit, which comprised of exploring:

  • Top-level statistics for the website’s most popular pages
  • Which landing pages produced the highest number of conversions
  • Common user behaviour flows

Following the SEO audit, we optimised the website in a range of areas, including page titles, meta descriptions and page content. Once we had completed this initial work, we continued to review the website and make improvements, which resulted in a better organic presence for Springfield.

While we were pleased to meet our goal of increasing sessions year-on-year, another important metric for measuring the success of our SEO efforts was the number of goals received. The contact form submissions and brochure downloads added up to a total increase of 66.50% more conversions in 2019 compared to 2018.