"Handy commissioned SilverDisc with the development of www.handyonline.co.uk, our e-commerce hub to sell machinery and parts. We needed the website to automatically update stock and prices on an hourly basis for over 70,000 items, and present individual tax and discount arrangements to each of our clients. SilverDisc delivered exactly what we were after in a timely, proactive and efficient way. Since the launch of the website, it has performed robustly, way beyond our expectations, and our IT division has found in SilverDisc a seamless counterpart to grow and integrate the e-commerce platform with our back-office systems. We would be very happy to recommend SilverDisc as a highly experienced, professional and trustworthy IT supplier."

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Mark Moseley, Sales & Marketing Director

"SilverDisc has found in Handy a team of very open and engaged professionals, which has allowed our partnership to evolve over several years into a great example of what's possible when two committed businesses work towards a common goal."

- Alan Perkins, Managing Director