AnswerBank Limited has been working with SilverDisc for over ten years, and they have been successfully helping us build our visitors to now over one million per month. We originally brought in SilverDisc to build a scalable platform to allow us to grow, back in 2007-8 as our previous developers struggled to create a stable IT architecture framework. That core software still sits at the heart of AnswerBank, a social meeting place focusing on members' questions and answers. Over the years we have created strong recurring revenues based on the advertising platform SilverDisc built and maintains for us. Going forward we expect to grow our relationship with SilverDisc as we adapt to changes and opportunities.

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Paul McGroary, Managing Director

" The AnswerBank community has continued to thrive and SilverDisc is pleased to have been part of the AnswerBank story for over thirteen years. As well as building, maintaining and redesigning the website, we have also provided SEO, community management and social media services to continue to help the forums be the best they possibly can."

- Alan Perkins, Managing Director