Client: Crocus

Increasing PPC Revenue While Maintaining a Low COA

A 52% increase in revenue year-on-year and a 15.50% decrease in cost per conversion

Crocus is a well-established online plant nursery that sells plants to gardening enthusiasts all over the country and has received 25 gold medals at the Chelsea Flower Show. SilverDisc has worked with Crocus since 2014 on various marketing activities including PPC, and Crocus has seen continual growth during this time.

The Challenge

In 2017 Crocus made the decision to spend more on PPC advertising to see how much revenue could be generated while keeping to the 20% COA target. The aim was to:

  • increase revenue while keeping to a COA target 

Our Approach

To reach this goal, SilverDisc’s work on the PPC account included:

  • Introducing display marketing
  • Increasing commercial visibility though shopping ads 
  • Maximizing our current user data base using display and search remarketing 
  • Refining the PPC account structure to work alongside the seasonality of Crocus’s business
  • Increasing revenue by branching into new areas including garden furniture and house plants
  • Optimising and refining the PPC account to ensure we were bidding on the most profitable keywords

The Results 

As a result of the above actions, Crocus saw:

  • A 52% increase in PPC revenue YoY while keeping within a strict COA target
  • A 15.50% decrease in the cost per conversion thanks to more sales driven through Shopping campaigns
  • A COA decrease of 21.5%, beating the target set

A Rewarding Relationship

Our long-standing relationship with Crocus and deep understanding of their business, coupled with our extensive PPC experience, meant we could deliver the results they needed. We knew that sales varied for the business due to seasonality and that we would need to strategise accordingly.

We optimised the existing ads and keywords within the PPC account and combined our already successful ads with new display, shopping and remarketing ads to maximise reach and increase revenue. Meanwhile, our methods of carefully refining the account meant we not only maintained a healthy COA but in fact reduced it.