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Twitter Trials 280 Character Limit

Twitter Trials 280 Character Limit

Picture this: You compose a tweet, watching the character counter go down as you type. Your message gets longer, the character counter goes to zero, then into minus figures. Read More...

Data Driven Attribution Modelling

Attribution Modelling – Moving Away From Last Click Attribution

Following Kate’s blog on “Why Attribution Models are Key to Understanding Your Online Traffic”, Google have released a Data-Driven attribution model, which I will explain below, along with a focus on why it’s important to move away from the Last Click attribution model. Read More...

Online Security

Why You Should Move Your Website To HTTPS

Did you know that from October, Google Chrome will begin showing a security warning to users when they enter information into websites that don’t have an SSL certificate? Read More...

Online Marketing

3 Things I’ve Learnt in My First Two Months of Marketing

Fresh out of University, and wanting to dive into the world of marketing is exciting, but can be a little daunting. Read More...

Day Planner

How To Write Regular Blog Posts and Stay Organised

Writing new blog content for your website is an important job, but it can also be time consuming. It isn’t just writing the content takes time, but uploading it, promoting it, and even trying to decide what to write about, all take up valuable minutes. And with so much work to be done with your website, your marketing, and running your business, every one of those minutes counts. Read More...

How to adapt your blogs for Google’s Featured Snippets and stay ahead of the competition with ‘The Perfect Blog’.

How to adapt your blogs for Google’s Featured Snippets and stay ahead of the competition with ‘The Perfect Blog’.

It’s been a little while since we last spoke about featured snippets, and whilst it’s great to aim for a service page to be listed as a featured snippet, there’s a lot you can do with blogging to tailor your content to answer specific questions your target audience might be asking on Google. Read More...


How To Import AdWords Campaigns Into Bing Ads

If you already use Google AdWords for your PPC efforts and are thinking about branching out to Bing Ads, getting started may be easier than you think. This is because you can import your AdWords campaigns directly into Bing. Read More...

Memes, GIFs and Twitter Wars

Memes, GIFs and Twitter Wars.

Everyone loves a meme, but does that mean your business should be jumping on the hype and sharing GIFs and memes across their social media? Read More...