Client: Call Wiser

The Call Amplifier

A 310% increase in sales

A Gap in the Market

Call Wiser is a motor insurance broker that identified the increase in smartphone use alongside a maturing computer use as a gap in the market. Recognising a customer’s desire to speak to a person over the phone at a time when insurance companies and brokers were focused on pushing more enquires online, Call Wiser was able to provide a call-centric insurance offering. SilverDisc’s used Google AdWords to leverage the massive number of online insurance queries into Call Wiser’s more human offering, forming the basis for the “Call Amplifier” campaign for growth.

The Challenge

  • Increase volume of calls generated from Search Marketing
  • Increase the number of vehicle insurance policies sold

Our Approach

  • Leverage mobile/smartphone audience’s position in buying cycle and intent
  • Leverage Call Only Campaign in AdWords
  • Use Google Website Call Tracking on Call Wiser website
  • Number switching to provide sales attribution

The Results

  • Significant increase in calls
  • Month on month growth

Breaking Down Barriers

The use of numerous call functions in AdWords allows potential customers to call and speak directly to trained insurance professionals, who offer a personal service to find them the best deal. Encouraging users to call direct as opposed to working through online quotes removes a step between the caller’s information search and eventual purchasing decision. For Call Wiser, SilverDisc used several AdWords features such as Call Only campaigns, mobile bid modifiers and call extensions to break down the barriers between a potential customer (a searcher with an intent to get a quote), and the insurer.