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Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing

Why outsource your Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns to SilverDisc? Because our unique combination of experienced, friendly people and advanced technology will deliver better results at a lower price than you might achieve elsewhere!

No online marketing campaign is complete without Pay Per Click. We’ve been managing paid search campaigns since 2001 for a wide range of clients, from small businesses to large corporations, spanning a variety of industries including leisure, retail, finance and automotive. Our experience also includes foreign language PPC campaigns.

Our team of dedicated PPC account managers in the UK are degree educated, Google Adwords Certified and Microsoft Advertising Accredited. In fact, SilverDisc was the first agency worldwide to be awarded Preferred Agency status by Microsoft.

SilverDisc’s account management is second to none - we work closely with you at every stage to ensure that we meet your ongoing needs, deliver to your requirements and keep you updated about the work we have done and the results it has yielded.

If you’re completely new to PPC, we will get you up and running or, if you’re already running paid search campaigns, we guarantee that we’ll make a bigger success of them for you. Whatever your current situation, we’ll help you grow online and take your business to the next level.

Since running our Pay Per Click campaign SilverDisc has significantly improved the response to our search engine advertising campaigns, simultaneously improving our conversion rate whilst actually reducing our average cost per click and hence cost per sale.
Although it is never possible to determine exactly which factors have what direct influence  on business growth due to the numerous business drivers, we have no doubts that SilverDisc has contributed significantly to our business growth.  Furthermore our business growth since using SilverDisc has significantly outstripped our search engine advertising cost growth. Long may it continue!

Guy Broadest, Managing Director, GardenLines

Experienced Team

We created our first PPC account in 2001

Our PPC experience began with Goto.com, pre-dating Google AdWords. We've seen how PPC works and how quickly it can change. We're always prepared to adapt and innovate to make your PPC campaigns work for you.


Dedicated Account Manager

Available via phone, email and in person

Our relationship with you is no more important than with a PPC campaign. Our account managers get to know you and your needs, offering personally tailored advice and suggestions for making your business thrive online.


Google And Bing Certified

We know what we're doing

We're highly qualified. All our dedicated account managers are Bing Accredited and Google Advertising Professionals while SilverDisc is an AdWords Certified Partner and a Bing Accredited Professional Company.



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