Carey Boyes

Carey Boyes

3rd February 2023

How To Use Google Ads Editor Effectively

Arguably one of the best-underused tools Google has created, Google Ads Editor allows you to manage Google Ads campaigns, change keywords and test new ads. If you can get to grips with using Google Ads Editor effectively, you may rarely need to use the Google Ads dashboard again.

What is Google Ads Editor?

In simple terms, Google Ads Editor is an offline editor for your Google Ads account. This gives you the ability to make changes in Editor and upload them in bulk, with the ability to edit multiple accounts simultaneously.

Getting Set Up

Getting started with Editor is easy – just download the app and link your Google Ads accounts.

Benefits of Google Ads Editor

There are multiple benefits to using Editor, most of all it makes life easier!

Account Elements in One Place

The most obvious benefit of Editor is being able to see all your accounts, campaigns, and ad groups in one place with easy navigation.

You can click further into campaigns, keywords, ads, audiences and more to see everything in detail. You also have the option of importing reports, statistics and metrics that you prefer so you can view everything in one space.

Easy to Use

Editor makes new ad campaigns and groups easy to add. You can copy, paste and duplicate so you can copy the same metrics across multiple campaigns and accounts.


The bulk upload tool is one of the most time-efficient features you can ask for, taking a time-consuming job on the Google Ads dashboard and speeding it up to only a few minutes.


Editor has several functions that you may find helpful, I’ve highlighted a few of my favourites below. However, it’s worth using them all and seeing what works for you.

Advanced Search and Filter

The Google Ads Editor search and filter functions are one of the easiest to use. You can search for keywords across multiple ad groups, or filter ad groups across several campaigns. In comparison with the other tools available, this is a function that makes Editor stand out.

Find and Replace Text

Being able to find and replace text in one easy move is a game-changer! You can also append text, capitalise letters and amend URLs in any campaign, keyword, ad copy or ad group.

You have the ability to do this across multiple campaigns, replacing one keyword with another without having to do each one manually.

Detection of Errors

Editor highlights issues when changes are made, the red exclamation point points out issues that may otherwise cause critical problems. The errors must be fixed before changes will go live.

Editor also has an undo button which can revert edits before they go live – in your Google Ads account this can be incredibly difficult.

CSV Files

Editor provides a CSV template in the correct layout, meaning you can handle a large amount of data and upload it in bulk. I cannot stress enough how useful this specific function is!

Working Offline

There are further benefits to Google Ads Editor, specifically working offline. Let me explain…

Working offline gives you the opportunity to make changes before your new content goes live. If you, like me, spot the spelling error just as you’ve pressed submit or miss an error this is a real time saver.

Working offline is also a good place to start if you are testing something for the first time. Your changes in Editor are only visible to you until they are made live which makes it the ideal space for training new staff.

My biggest tip regarding offline working, however, is to remember to push your changes live!

If you are managing ad campaigns Editor really is worth installing and learning to use.

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