SilverDisc’s Top Ten Blog Posts of 2020

Sam Rose - Head of Content

Sam Rose

30th December 2020

It’s that time of year again, when we take a look at our blog posts from the last year and provide a roundup of our most popular digital marketing articles. Here are our top ten articles from 2020 – and you won’t be surprised to see a running theme in the top five.


10. Is Your Website Robust Enough to Deal with High Traffic Demands?

By Paul, 4th May 2020

At number ten, Paul raised an important question for ecommerce businesses. When it comes to Black Friday, Christmas, big sales or any other occasions when you may see a spike in traffic, is your website able to handle it? Read on for some tips on preparing your site for sudden visitor increases.


9. How Do I Optimise My Ecommerce Site for Voice Search?

By Sarah, 11th May 2020

Voice search is becoming increasingly important, but if you're unfamiliar with the technology and how to optimise your ecommerce site for it, Sarah's blog post offers a good starting point. Advice includes how to modify your content to increase your visibility for voice search queries.


8. How to Remain Competitive in Crowded eCommerce Markets

By Michal, 21st May 2020

From good website navigation and other usability basics, to keeping up with Google Trends, being customer obsessed and investing in shopping feeds and audiences in Google Ads, there are plenty of strategies to consider in this blog post from Michal.


7. PPC ROI Calculator: Forecasting Paid Search

By Eddy, 24th August 2020

In August, we launched our PPC ROI Calculator and Eddy talks us through it in this blog post. He explains what ROI is and how to forecast, calculate and measure it using this tool. He also offers some food for thought for considering what a good PPC ROI looks like for your business.


6. How Email Marketing Automation Can Transform Your Customers' eCommerce Journey: Part One

By Perry, 13th November 2020

Towards the end of the year, Perry took us on an epic journey of email marketing automation – using one of the most legendary stories ever written to illustrate his points. Start at this blog post for the first in a three-part marketing saga complete with plenty of The Lord of the Rings references.


5. Marketing During Coronavirus: Successes and Blunders From Big Names

By Jason, 15th April 2020

Remember #BoycottWetherspoons trending on Twitter? What about Sports Direct asking if they could open during the first lockdown on the basis of providing an essential service? Join Jason to take a look back at the good, the bad and the ugly from big brands during the early days of the coronavirus pandemic.


4. How to Maintain Marketing Momentum During the Coronavirus Outbreak

By Sam, 8th April 2020

I took to the screen in April to dish out some ideas for maintaining marketing momentum during the pandemic – so if you’d rather watch a video instead of reading this blog post, we’ve got you covered. Unfortunately, going into 2021, many of these points may still be very relevant for your business.


3. SEO During and After Coronavirus

By Alan, 21st April 2020

Alan’s blog post on SEO in the time of COVID-19 was the third most popular article of 2020. He explained how SEO personas, architecture, content and links could be affected by the pandemic, and the steps you can take to adapt your strategy accordingly.


2. Coronavirus: Dealing With Increases and Decreases In eCommerce Demand

By Eddy, 3rd April 2020

We're back with Eddy for your second-most-popular blog post of 2020, and we're thinking about the different ways in which businesses have been affected by the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns. Whether you have seen an increase in demand or your business has had to reduce operations, this article aims to help.


1. Online Retail After Coronavirus: How to Create Your Post-Lockdown Marketing Plan

By Megan, 27th April 2020

Our most popular blog post of 2020 was Megan's article aiming to help you prepare your marketing for post-lockdown. If your business operations had to change during government restrictions, we wanted you to be ready to kick-start your marketing again as soon as you were able. Unfortunately, much of this article may still be relevant for businesses struggling during tier and lockdown restrictions. If you're in this situation again – or still – we hope you find the article helpful when planning your digital marketing strategy for when restrictions are lifted.


Thank you for reading our blog posts this year. We look forward to bringing you more news, advice and insights into the world of digital marketing in 2021!

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