Bing Ads Introduces Price Extensions

Jason Martin - Paid Search & Training Specialist

Jason Martin

23rd February 2018

What are Price Extensions?

Price Extensions are a new form of ad extension for Bing Ads that are being rolled out in Bing Ads accounts following success in Google AdWords. This extension allows you to display a select list of products/services with a brief description, price and link for users to click through and view.

Bing Ads have outlined Price Extensions as follows:

What are the benefits of Price Extensions in Bing Ads?

Price Visibility in Ads

If your business has a price point that stands out from your competitors, Price Extensions are a great opportunity to push your pricing within ads. This could be the deciding factor between a user clicking on your business’s ad rather than competitor ads.

More Ad Space

As with all other ad extensions, the use of Price Extensions can help to increase the visible size of your ads in search results pages. Making the ads more eye-catching at first glance, whilst also pushing other ads and results further down the page, could aid your click through rates.

Showcase Product Range

If your keyword targeting and ads are generic, Price Extensions could help to clarify the services that your business offers within the ads. By providing more detail in the ad, your users are more informed about your services and prospective pricing before clicking on the ad.

For example:

Your ads trigger for the keyword “car garage kettering” which brings up ad text all about your car garage, its USPs and a call to action. The Price Extensions can help to list the services that you offer to give the ad more depth. You could list MOT, Car Servicing, Tyre Fitting and more underneath the ad to give the user a clear idea of the services you are able to provide.

Cross-Sell Potential

Alongside showcasing your product range, Price Extensions provide the opportunity to highlight cross-sell opportunities when the user’s search is more specific.

For example:

Your ads trigger for the keyword “car mot kettering” which brings up ad text all about your MOT Services and pricing. You could use Price Extensions to list services and pricing for Car Servicing, Tyre Fitting, Brakes and more in addition to the MOT ad text. If there are any additional services that the user would need for their car, they know at a glance that you offer all the services they need and have a price point in mind before they even click the ad.

How to do I create Price Extensions in Bing Ads?

Creating Price Extensions in the Bing Ads Interface

Currently the feature for Bing Ads Price Extension creation in Bing Ads Editor is unavailable, meaning that the Bing Ads interface should be used to create new Price Extensions.

Firstly, navigate to the Ad Extensions tab and selected Price Extensions from the dropdown menu:

Bing Ads provides the option to add the extensions at Account, Campaign or Ad Group level depending on your account structure and the level of detail that you would like to use in your Price Extensions.

You are able to add existing Price Extensions in the account by selecting the arrows and moving the set from “Available Price Extensions” to “Selected Prices”.

Selecting the “Add new Price Extension” option will bring you to the Price Extension creation screen, where you will be creating your Price Extension. The headings are as follows:

  • Language: This sets the language of the Price Extension
  • Type: This covers the type of products/services within your extension including: Brands, Events, Locations, Neighborhoods, Product Categories, Product Tiers, Services, Service Categories and Service Tiers
  • Currency: This sets the currency of the prices used in the extensions, which is crucial when dealing with campaigns targeting international countries
  • Items: This allows you to enter the products/services that you wish to show in the Price Extension

Here are some tips on adding items to your Price Extensions:

  • Avoid using full capitals in headers or descriptions
  • Ensure your headers align with your “Type” – try not to use a list of countries for Brands rather than Destinations for example
  • Remember to set price qualifiers for product areas with various prices – e.g. using “from” as a price qualifier when there are multiple service packages within a Service to show the cheapest price first

An example of a completed Price Extension is as follows:

Once you are happy with your fields, you can save the Price Extension and add it to your Account, Campaigns or Ad Groups. For further insight on how to add Price Extensions to your ads, check out the Bing Ads Price Extensions Guide.

Import Price Extensions from Google AdWords

The second option is based on an import from Google. If you have existing campaigns in Google AdWords, you will be able to import existing price extensions from your AdWords campaigns.

Once on the “Import From Google AdWords” page, you will need to sign in to Google through the Bing Ads interface to import your campaigns.

For a complete guide of importing campaigns from Google AdWords, see the Bing Ads Import Guide.

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