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9th June 2017

It’s hard to hide from the current political conversations in the UK today, it’s everywhere. It’s all over our televisions and it’s all over social media… it’s in the office, at home and a discussion amongst friends. And rightly so, as the future and stability of the UK hangs in the balance – with a hung parliament.

It’s an interesting time, that’s for sure, but how does this relate to digital marketing for your business? There are certainly a few points to take away.

Promote a ‘strong and stable’ brand

Neither Labour nor Conservative won the majority of the seats last night, and this has resulted in a hung parliament. But why has this happened? It would appear that the public doesn’t have as much confidence in the political parties as they may have hoped, and people don’t all believe that the Conservative party can offer the ‘strong and stable’ government they claimed.

This is where you can take note, to look at how you present your business online. Your content and business model must match your personal values and beliefs, and be consistent across your entire web presence. This ensures a ‘strong and stable’ brand that people can trust, and your customers’ faith in you won’t be hanging in the balance.

Ensure you get a ‘vote of confidence’ from potential customers or clients

There have been plenty of news stories regarding both Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn, doubting both of their capabilities. This is obviously not an ideal situation for these politicians to be in, and certainly not a position you want your business to find itself in either.

You can achieve your own vote of confidence with the following:

  • Clear, informative content on your website – think of it as your very own manifesto.
  • Testimonials and examples of recent work, whether this is through photographs or case studies.
  • Having a clear voice, whether that’s through social media channels, email marketing, or at the end of the telephone. Everything has to add up to create a voice that represents your business in a nutshell.

You need a "coalition" of marketing channels

Marketing needs a combination of channels to be successful, and it needs to work well on a combination of devices. This means it’s important to get your website right, and properly implement SEO, content, PPC, email and social media. It’s also important to consider your marketing approach on desktop, tablet and mobile.

Each of these marketing channels plays a vital role in a customer’s journey:

  1. Capturing new customers – PPC, SEO
  2. Customer retention – remarketing, email, social media
  3. Gaining customer loyalty – social media, email

Conversion funnel

Your ‘coalition’ of marketing channels can help you to optimise the entire customer journey:

  1. Attention / brand awareness: PPC and SEO are great for this, ensuring your website ranks on both paid and organic search results in Google.
  2. Interest / consideration: Mobile has been shown to be the most popular medium for customer research, so it’s important to have a mobile responsive website and utilise opportunities specific to mobile devices.
  3. Action / conversion: This is when you want to have a great CTR (click through rate) on the website with clear call to actions.
  4. Retention & extension: Email (asking customers to subscribe), social ( asking customers to follow your business) and remarketing are all great ways to keep previous customers informed.

For more detailed information on how we can help you to utilise digital marketing for your business and gain a vote of confidence from your target market, please get in touch

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