Harry Perkins

Harry Perkins

28th February 2023

How to block someone from a Facebook Page


There are a number of reasons why you want to block someone from your Facebook page. They might be affecting the quality of your posts with spam comments or harassment, or they may just be an unpleasant person. Whatever the reason – no one should have to deal with trolls, spam or harassment. 

If you don’t want to block someone, you can restrict them 

If you would rather not block someone from your page, there are other things you can do, such as restrict the user. One example of this is problematic customers. They're customers, you want them to have their voice and be able to view your social platforms, but maybe they're being a bit loud or persistently commenting about an issue they faced. Instead of blocking this account, it would be best to restrict them. This means the customer can share their thoughts and feelings, but the comments won't jeopardise the comment section of your post. 

How to block someone from a Facebook page? 

Often Facebook's help guides aren't up to date and it's not always clear how to block someone from a Facebook page. However, we have a method that is sure to work every time. 

 1. Go to the comment of the person that you would like to block from your page 

2. Click the three dots next to it and then, click “Submit a report”. 

 3. Report the user for spam or harassment or there may be a more suitable reason for your report. Whatever it is, select it.   

4. Once you click submit, you will get an option to block the user. 

5. Click Block user. 

The user will then be blocked from the Facebook page.  

When should you block someone?  

If you manage a business page on Facebook, it can be difficult to know when and why you should block someone from your page. Blocking someone is a drastic measure, and should not be taken lightly. However, in some cases, it may be necessary to protect yourself, your page, and your business. One of the most common reasons to block someone from a business page on Facebook is harassment or abuse.  

If someone is using your page to harass or personally attack your customers or employees, it’s best to block them immediately. This will keep them from continuing their behaviour, and will help protect your business from potential legal issues. Another reason to block someone from your page is to prevent spam.  

If someone is repeatedly posting irrelevant or offensive content, or if they are posting links to malicious websites, it’s best to block them before they do damage. This will help keep your page free of unwanted content and will help protect your page from being flagged by Facebook. It also protects your customers. 

Finally, you may need to block someone if they are violating your page’s terms of service. If someone is posting content that violates your page’s guidelines, or if they are engaging in activities that could be illegal or harmful to your business, it’s best to block them as soon as possible. This will help keep your page safe and secure, and will help you protect your business from potential legal issues.  

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