Harry Perkins

Harry Perkins

15th July 2022

Should I Use Linktree on My Social Media Channels?

If you’ve seen Linktree around and are wondering whether you should give it a try, the answer is yes, you should!

To explain exactly why, in this article, we will dive into the following topics: 

  • What is Linktree and how much is it going to cost me? 

  • What are the benefits of a Linktree, and why should I use one? 

  • How can I maximize gain from Linktree?


What is Linktree and how much does it cost? 

Linktree is a personalized “everything in one place” link listing. Once you have a Linktree link, you can send your social media audience to that one link, which then offers them a list of links, allowing the audience to choose the link that is appropriate to them and the post that they have just read.  

Linktree is completely free to use, and the free version is perfect for businesses and companies. The free version allows you to have a large number of listed links, and also offers appearance customization, so you can tailor your Linktree to represent your brand image. This includes things like logos and colours.

The paid version is unlikely to be necessary for you, but ultimately it gives you much more access to customization features and you can tailor your Linktree to be more on brand, removing the Linktree Logo from your link listing, and much more.


What are the benefits of Linktree?

Having a Linktree as your profile link on your social media accounts makes life so much easier. You can have all of your relevant links in your Linktree listing, with the link in your bio taking your audience to that listing, instead of just one place. In the listing, you could send your audience to a specific product, a certain sign-up sheet, a news article or a case study, or the audience could decide which link they would like to go to. The possibilities are endless. The beauty of Linktree is that this allows you to list more than one link, meaning your posts will never be out of date. You also will never need to change the link in your bio again, and instead, you can tailor your Linktree to be relevant. On Instagram, just write “Click the link in our bio” and then make sure there is a link in the Linktree that is relevant to that post. In fact, Instagram is where you may find Linktree benefits you the most, since you can’t add links to an Instagram post but with Linktree in your bio, you can direct users to any link in your Linktree as long as you remember to keep the Linktree updated. 

Linktree provides analytics, so you can see where your audience is going and you can utilize this information to make your links more appropriate or to tailor the hierarchy of your links if you know which ones your audience will likely click through to. 

If a link is no longer relevant, you can just delete it. However, if you think you may want to use it again in the future, you can hide it, meaning you can just turn the link off and on. Easy! 

Linktree has many more features and benefits, but we can’t cover them all in this one blog post – the best thing to do is have a play with it yourself. 


How can I maximize gain from Linktree?  

First of all, before you change your social links to direct to your Linktree, you need to set up your Linktree and make sure it reflects your brand. Secondly, you need to make sure the first link in your Linktree goes to your website homepage. People click bio links because they want to go to your website, so the first link you offer should be your website homepage.  

Make sure everything you want to include is in your Linktree and make sure it is relevant and up to date. If you have a newsletter, put a sign-up link in the Linktree. If a customer can demo your software, offer them a demo sign-up in the Linktree. If you are ecommerce and there are certain ranges or collections that you’re posting about, put those in your Linktree. A company event is coming up? Add that to your Linktree!     Make sure to remove links to old collections, old events, old job advertisements, and other irrelevant links from your Linktree on a regular basis.  

Although it’s good to give options to your audience, too many options can slow down their journeys or distract them from what you really want them to do. For this reason, make sure all of your important and priority links are listed just below your website homepage link.  

If you would like help setting up your Linktree, or if you need guidance and support on any aspect of your social media, please get in touch with SilverDisc today.  

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