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13th October 2016

Balloons, bunting and baking… the best breakfast ever!

Yet again, this year we were excited to take part in the Macmillan Cancer Support coffee morning. Our busy schedule meant we had to push back the date a little to ensure everyone in the office had the chance to earn the ‘Star Baker’ badge, and our competitive spirits really paid off. We had an array of fantastic bakes (and fakes…) including a homemade chocolate orange cake dusted with gold, a chocolate fort cake built up with KitKats, traditional Welsh cakes, butterfly muffins, a lemon Swiss roll and even a pork pie.

Whilst it’s easy to get lost in the festivities and frosting, the reason why we were raising money was never far from our minds. A cancer diagnosis changes everything, and doesn’t just affect the person who’s been diagnosed. It’s easy to feel isolated, afraid and overwhelmed, but Macmillan Cancer Support believes that no one should face cancer alone and the charity strives to support everyone affected. 

Someone asked me the evening before why we were hosting a coffee morning. Surely it’s easier to just donate and not go through the fuss of blowing up balloons and creating a mountain of washing up on the day? And whilst perhaps, yes, simply donating would be an easier option, it would fail to raise awareness, it would fail to bring people together to discuss what can be a difficult topic, and it would fail to bring the same smile that awarding a ‘best baker’ badge can achieve.  

So how did we do?

We raised an incredible £240, which with gift aid makes a grand total of £300!

That’s enough to help run a small Macmillan information and support centre for a day, allowing people affected by cancer to get the practical information they need from someone who understands what they’re going through.

All in all, it was a fantastic morning, wonderfully supported by people’s generosity and, of course, cake! Finally, I want to say a massive thank you to everyone involved, and I can’t wait to do it all again next year!

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