SilverDisc’s Top Ten Blog Posts of 2019

Sam Rose - Head of Content

Sam Rose

19th December 2019

It’s that time again, when we complete our blog activity for the year by bringing you a round-up of our most popular digital marketing articles from the last twelve months. Here are our top ten blog posts from 2019:


10. How You Can Use Content Marketing As A Link Building Strategy

By Joel, 12th April 2019

At number ten, Joel took us through an introduction to link building – what is it, how does it fit into your content marketing and SEO strategy, and what types of content should you be using as the basis for this strategy? But most importantly of all, how can you track whether or not your efforts are coming to fruition? All was revealed in this blog post.


9. Improve Your Calls to Action in Microsoft Advertising with Action Extensions

By Sam, 3rd May 2019

In April, Microsoft Advertising announced their new action extensions, which allow advertisers to add new call to action links or buttons to their PPC ads, such as “Apply Now”, “Download”, “See Menu” and more. Read more about the benefits of this new feature and how you can apply it to your Microsoft Advertising campaigns.


8. Using WebP Images to Improve Page Speed

By Luke, 26th June 2019

WebP is an image format you can use to improve page loading times without compromising on image quality. Luke took us through why we should use it, which browsers support it and what we can do to show images to all users while still maintaining good page speed.


7. Comparison Shopping Service: Why use a CSS Partner?

By Eddy, 11th October 2019

Later in the year, Eddy explained the benefits of Comparison Shopping Services (CSS) for online retailers. These services have brought a fairer balance to Google Shopping Ads by giving retailers additional visibility in this arena. There are many CSS partners to choose from, so head over to this blog to start your research.


6. Inform Your Digital Marketing Strategy With Tools From Think With Google

By Eddy, 23rd January 2019

Think With Google provides many free tools for marketers, including Speed Scorecard, Consumer Barometer, and Google Trends. Find out more about them to get the most out of your digital marketing efforts and benefit from new insights into your website and your target audience.


5. SilverDisc Wins Place on Exclusive Google Elevator Programme

By Joel, 17th June 2019

We were very pleased this year to take part in the exclusive Google Elevator Programme. This invite-only programme brought together the leadership of top digital agencies, providing new training workshops and insights so that we can offer even more value to our clients.


4. The Rise in Podcast Popularity: How Can Retailers Utilise This Trend?

By Megan, 2nd August 2019

With more and more people listening to podcasts, Megan explored how retailers can get in on this action to provide a unique offering for their customers. Read on for insight into who listens to podcasts and why, and the considerations you should make in terms of both hosting your own podcast and advertising on someone else’s.


3. What is Google OptiScore and is it Useful?

By Michal, 16th August 2019

Amid all the noise, potential distractions and changing opportunities within PPC, Google OptiScore can help you to regain focus. Here, Michal explains the advantages and disadvantages of using this tool, and how you can use it smartly to take bigger steps towards reaching your business goals.


2. Choosing the Right Automated Bidding Strategy for Your Business

By Elise, 31st January 2019

One big change to digital marketing in recent history is the shift towards artificial intelligence and machine learning, and that’s especially true for the world of PPC. In this blog post, Elise explained the basics of automated bidding, the different types of automated bidding strategies available, and the advantages and disadvantages of using these techniques to manage your PPC campaigns.


1. How to Use Twitter Auto-reply Campaigns to Increase Engagement

By Sam, 23rd August 2019

Finally, this blog post looked at how companies are using auto-reply campaigns in Twitter to increase engagement and excitement around their products. A tweet from Channel 4 kicked it off, where users could use the tweet to set a reminder for the beginning of the new series of The Great British Bake Off. It may be because auto-reply is an exciting new feature, or it might simply be because we all love cake. Either way, this blog post was the most popular one from us this year.


Thank you for reading our blog posts this year, and we look forward to bringing you more news, advice and insights into the world of digital marketing in 2020!

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