Lorna Wills - Head of Client Services

Lorna Wills

14th December 2012

Are You Ready for the Google Product Search Changes? They’re Coming to the UK Soon!

It is no secret Google Product Search (frequently known as Google Shopping and formerly known as Froogle) will go through some big changes in 2013 in the UK. At present there are no costs for appearing in Google’s organic shopping/product results – you just need a working Google Merchant Centre feed that is relatively well optimised.

However, in 2013, as has been the case in the US since October 2012, all Google Shopping results will have to be paid for. The listings under the Google Shopping umbrella will be powered entirely by Product Listing Ads. You can pay to appear in these listings by buying either clicks or sales. The changes could start to be visible from as early as February 2013 – so there’s not long to go!

In 2013 you will want to make sure two things are in place:
1.    A well set up Product Listing Ad campaign(s): http://support.google.com/adwords/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=2456103
2.    A well optimised Google Merchant feed: http://www.google.com/merchants

If you currently appear in Google Shopping results but don’t have an AdWords account, you’ll need to set one up in order to create your Product Listing Ads and to continue to appear in the Google Shopping results.

Ranking within the Google Shopping results will be based on relevance and bid price in 2013 – as has always been the case for Product Listing Ads.

It’s best to start thinking about this change now and to start preparing for it so you’re in the best position when it comes into force. Get in touch if you want some help!


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