Sam Rose - Head of Content

Sam Rose

9th February 2017

How To Romance Google This Valentine's Day

Hoping to strike up a special relationship with Google? As Valentine’s Day is approaching we thought we’d give you some pointers for making Google fall in love with your website. As with any relationship, you should know Google’s likes and dislikes, listen to what it has to say, and commit yourself. Here are six things you can do to make Google fall head over heels:

Be Yourself

You’ll never be Google’s number one if you’re just another face in the crowd, so don’t copy anybody else. Google is an adventurous spirit, and loves reading lots of different things. It really just wants you to be unique, and be yourself. Replicating content from other websites will get you nowhere with this bachelor.

Try New Things

Google is easily bored by things it has seen before, and craves new content. You should always be ready to present it with something new, whether that’s a new blog post, product page, video, or image gallery. We’re not saying Google is a gold digger, but it does love rich content.

Don’t Keep Google Waiting

Google doesn’t like hanging around waiting for slow websites, so if you bring a lot of baggage every time the two of you meet, you’re simply not going to be this search engine’s top result. To keep up with Google, you need a fast loading website, especially on mobile. Google is very busy crawling websites and doesn’t have time for any nonsense like huge images or slow servers.

Stay Healthy

Google likes websites that look after themselves, so protect yourself from viruses, hackers, and other digitally-transmitted nasties. You need to keep fit for those long walks on the SERPs (search engine results pages). Make sure everything is running smoothly, and weed out any error pages or bugs - Google ain’t messing with no broke website.

Be Popular With Others

Google is attracted to websites that are popular – if good quality websites link back to your site, Google will notice. Think of it as winning over Google’s friends first – find websites that Google holds in high regard, get them to link back to you, and the search engine will take this on board.

Be Eager To Please

You might sometimes be perplexed rather than enchanted by Google’s mysterious ways, but there is method to its madness. Listen to what Google wants and act upon it. Sometimes Google will provide new information about what it wants from a website, or even change its mind about something. Make sure you’re being attentive.

Unfortunately, there are no quick fixes with Google, and you have to be in it for the long haul – seeing improvements in organic search takes time. But giving off the right signals and being committed could make for a long and happy relationship.

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