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Sam Rose

5th January 2017

SilverDisc’s Top Ten Blog Posts of 2016

Happy New Year! As always we’re kicking off our blog activity by bringing you a round-up of the most popular blog posts on the SilverDisc website from last year! Let’s find out what everyone was reading about in 2016:

10. Why do men buy flowers?
By Jess, 15th January 2016
At number ten Jess considers the meaning behind giving flowers as gifts, and how as a business you can give your customers gifts and special offers to make them feel loved, setting you apart from the competition. 

9. Car Salesmen, and Marketing. Are they using more tricks than we realise?
By Jess, 20th January 2016
In early 2016 Jess took a look at the marketing tools car salesmen use – such as personality, appearance, and upselling, and considered how these can be applied to online marketing to help increase conversion rates. 

8. Reach New Heights With Bing Ads
By Jason, 12th February 2016
Are you aware of the benefits of using Bing Ads for your PPC advertising? Jason’s article explains six reasons why businesses should use Bing Ads for search marketing. 

7. Ever been hacked… off?
By Jess, 2nd March 2016
In March, SilverDisc hosted a cyber security event to help local businesses become more informed and resilient while operating online. This blog explained all the details in the run-up to the event.

6. Google AdWords Unveils Expanded Text Ads
By Jason, 10th June 2016
This year Google AdWords announced that we could now create PPC ads with longer headlines and descriptions than ever before. Jason was on hand to talk us through how it worked, when it would be available, and the best practices for writing these new ads.

5. SilverDisc Awarded Google Premier Partner Status
By Sam, 4th August 2016
In the summer SilverDisc was awarded Premier Partner status by Google, and in this blog post we were excited to explain what this meant and how it could benefit us and our clients.

4. Why The Internet Will Never Take Off
By Marc, 6th May 2016
In May Marc took us back in time to tell us about Clifford Stoll, who back in 1995 questioned the future of the internet. But just how wrong were Stoll’s predictions for the web? Read on to find out!

3. Is Online Advertising Outperforming Traditional Advertising Media?
By Eddy, 20th May 2016
Improvements in technology, measurable results, large audiences and cost-effectiveness are all factors Eddy considered when he posed this question back in May.

2. 12 Features Of A Great Site Search Function
By Sam, 19th February 2016
In February I took an in-depth look at on-site search functions and how e-commerce companies can give customers a great user experience. There’s far more to it than meets the eye, so click through to find out the dos and don’ts of website search functions, from filters and categories to ‘nothing found’ pages and search logs. 

1. Cyber Security: “It's not just for the IT guys.”
By Jess, 30th March 2016
The most popular blog post last year was Jess’s account of our cyber security event “Ever Been Hacked…off?” hosted by NNBRF (Northamptonshire Business Resilience Forum). If you didn’t attend the event, you can still read all about it and find out what steps you need to take to protect your business from a cyber-attack.

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