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Sam Rose

17th April 2015

Better Call Saul: A Marketing Lesson From Saul Goodman

Here's something fun for your Friday - a continuation of my blog post Breaking Bad Online: A Marketing Lesson From Walter White. This time we’re delving into the much anticipated prequel, Better Call Saul. The spin-off has recently finished airing its first season on Netflix, so if you haven't seen it I won't give away any big spoilers, but I will dive in with what Saul Goodman, or Jimmy McGill as he was previously known, can offer us in terms of marketing expertise.

Looks matter

“Got to look successful to be successful.” – Jimmy McGill

Jimmy – or Saul – knows it’s important to look the part. That’s why he dresses for success and sets his sights on an office with a view. Appearance may not be everything, but it counts for a lot. To reassure potential customers that you are trustworthy, your website should be in tip-top shape, with an attractive design, good usability and nagivation, and of course, no bugs.

Use your words wisely

“A good magician never reveals his secrets.” – Jimmy McGill

A good lawyer always knows the right words to say, when to keep his mouth shut, and to always respect client confidentiality. Likewise, your website – and your entire online presence – should use carefully crafted copy. On social media and other marketing channels, keep your audience wanting more by only saying so much, and entice them onto your website where they can read more and make a conversion.

Keep in touch with your customers

“I’m number one on your speed dial, right next to your weed dealer.” – Jimmy McGill

When convincing people to become his clients, Jimmy makes sure they know he will be there for them – they can call him any time, day or night, and he’ll answer his phone. In the same way, your customers should feel confident that they will be able to get in touch with you when they need you, and your contact information should be easy to find. Better yet, make the first move with email newsletters and social media to keep in touch.

Prove your worth

“Confidence is good. Facts on your side, better.” – Chuck McGill

A piece of advice from Jimmy’s brother here, pointing out that even though confidence is important, it’s even better to provide irrefutable facts. Showing that you are confident in what you do will instil confidence in your customers, but if you can prove you’re good at what you do by showcasing your previous work, testimonials and achievements, that will go even further to increase trust.

And a final word from Mike Ehrmantraut:

Do your homework

“The lesson is, if you’re going to be a criminal do your homework.” – Mike Ehrmantraut

Whether it’s keyword research, competitor research, reading up on the latest marketing trends, or knowing the life story of the guy you’re about to do business with, knowledge is power. Make sure you have the information and the skillset you need to use your online presence effectively. And if you need any help with your website or online marketing…

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