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Mary McGroary

24th August 2012

6 Great Reasons to Blog as a Company

The reasons to blog as an individual are fairly obvious: blogging is about sharing your interests and engaging with other people on topics that you care about or find fun and interesting whether it is about food, travel or UFO sightings.

Blogging as a company shouldn’t have to be too different, you’re still blogging about something you know and hopefully something you find interesting (otherwise you should find a new job).

Providing Engaging Content for Your Website

Content is king and your blog is a great place to add fresh and exciting content. Depending on your business your website content may be dry and dull, consisting mainly of product descriptions or containing a great deal of "corporate messaging". The nature of your business may not allow for anything too exciting, however, a blog will allow you the opportunity to show the personality behind the brand or vast knowledge on the subject. This gives you the chance to build a relationship and engage with your future and current customers. After all, if they walked into your bricks-and-mortar store you'd make every attempt to be nice to them. 

Increase Customer Life Time Value

Engaging content can increase customer lifetime value. If the content is engaging or useful people will come back to your blog, keeping your brand in the forefront of their minds. For existing customers, it can not only be a reminder that they're getting expert service but may lead them to enquire about other services you provide.

Brand Management and Customer Relations

Blog content can show people who you are as a company. As well as posting about new products or tips you can post events that you have held or any charity events you or your employees have entered. The blog can not only be a way to show off your general attitude to life (and therefore business) but it also allows a dialogue with your customers.

Showcasing Expertise

Demonstrating that you are an expert builds confidence. It may be the tipping point between buying with you or someone else. Everyone needs reassurance when they're close to purchasing a product or a service. For example, a customer may have read all the reviews and testimonials and your product description has assured them this is the right product for them - but for that extra sense of trust, there's nothing like appearing to be an expert in your field.

Integrating your Social Media and Email Marketing

Blogs should work hand in hand with social media and email marketing. Blog posts can make great content for these off-site marketing endeavours. Your email marketing should back up its claims with content from your site - and if that happens to be exciting blog content all the better. Social media works similarly. Often with email marketing and social media marketing, you'll be targeting a different kind of customer so it's fair to spread your blog message around fairly widely. If your post is on your main site, it will lead people to your website - which is, of course, a good thing.

SEO Benefits

Google has plenty of internet marketers worrying about pandas. The Google Panda update meant that unless content is fresh, informative and unique there is little chance of it ranking well. Blogging is a great way to get this fresh, unique content onto your site and into the google rankings. If you are writing regular blog posts for the first four reasons listed above then SEO benefits will follow.

If you need more advice on your company’s blog or help with integrating your blog, social media and email marketing then feel free to get in touch to discuss how we can help!

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