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The Great British Bake Off

5 Conversion Rate Optimisation Lessons From The Great British Bake Off

Your website is like a cake - or at least it is for the purpose of this blog post. With The Great British Bake Off final coming up on Wednesday, what better time is there to talk about how your website should be just as appealing as a chocolate gateaux? Read More...

Macmillan Coffee Morning at SilverDisc

Coffee, Cake and Cash – all for Macmillan Cancer Support

So last week the team here at SilverDisc took part in the world’s biggest coffee morning, raising money and awareness for Macmillan Cancer Support. And I think it’s fair to say we completely smashed it! Read More...

Social Media Ninja

3 Steps For Shedding Some Light on Dark Social

Dark social. What on earth is it – hooded teenagers huddled down gloomy alleyways communicating only via Facebook Messenger because they’ve lost the power of speech? Ninja warriors conducting business deep in the unindexed shadows of the underground web? Fortunately it’s nothing quite that ominous, despite the sinister name. Read More...


Namaste – How Yoga Can Help At Work

So last week I took my first yoga class, and it was fantastic. I was told it was a laid back class, and I could take it at my own pace – and as I’d never done yoga before it sounded like the best way to ease myself in. Read More...

Google Local Business

5 Reasons To Optimise Your Google+ Business Page

Google+ is a strange beast. It’s the network that everyone has but no one uses. As a social network it never really took flight, but there are plenty of benefits that many seem to miss out on. Read More...

Why Your Website Should Be The Central Hub For Your Online Activity

Ever feel like you’re spreading yourself a little thin, or that you’re just all over the place when it comes to your online presence? You may have content all over the web, but your site should be the place where it all comes together. There is one important reason why everything should link back to your website. Read More...

Lunar Cycle

Is There A Significant Relationship Between Clicks, Conversions And The Lunar Cycle?

Okay, stick with me on this one, I promise I have a point and it might even revolutionise the way you approach online marketing. Alternatively it might turn out to be the ramblings of a slightly eccentric Anthropologist... intrigued? Read More...


ERDF Funding Provides Opportunity For SMEs To Improve Their Online Presence

Hundreds of millions of pounds are up for grabs for small businesses across the East Midlands, thanks to a European fund - posing a great opportunity for SMEs who need a helping hand in funding the development of their websites. Read More...