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Alan is the Managing Director of SilverDisc and was a co-founder in 1993.

He graduated from the University of Surrey in 1989 with a degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering before working as a programmer for a large software consultancy. He then joined Philips Interactive Media Systems in 1990 where he developed CD-i (Compact Disc Interactive) multimedia software. After two and a half years, Alan left Philips and co-founded SilverDisc, initially working on Compact Disc technologies (silver discs, hence the name of the company), before rapidly moving into website design development and hosting in 1994 and online marketing in 1995.

In 1999, Alan developed two search engine patents, both of which have been granted.  He is an industry-leading advocate of best practices in search marketing and this led to him contributing directly to the first Google Webmaster Guidelines in 2001. Google contacted Alan following a presentation on best practices they saw him give at SES San Francisco that year.

Since 2001, Alan has spoken every year at Search Engine Strategies on issues concerning site architecture and best practices.

Alan lives in Kettering with his wife and teenage sons and walks to work each day. Outside of work, he enjoys golf and cricket.


Alan's Blog Posts

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