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Public Relations (PR) Services

Tell your story through traditional media and the rising digital press. Build your business's profile and make the news through public relations. Amplify your message and make your brand's voice heard.

We will make your message heard in the press, online and offline - helping you to build the bigger story of your brand. Control the message about your brand and improve your reputation through carefully planned and timed releases. Get your message out to the right people at the right time.  Take hold of the perception help of your brand or business - or help kick start a new one into gear with a targeted PR campaign. We've had experience putting together strategic PR campaigns to bring long term gains. We're here to bring creativity to your message, or help you craft it from the ground up.

SilverDisc has given us added value. Their skill, knowledge and adaptability, along with their excellent reporting, gives us complete confidence as we grow our business.
With the SilverDisc team handling our £2.1 million Internet marketing budget we are able to see their daily results which allows us to monitor and maximise our spends in an ever-changing market place.

 Mark Bower-Dyke, Chairman, Be Wiser Insurance

Online and Offline

We'll ensure your brand is seen

SilverDisc knows that online news is as important as offline - so we go to special lengths to get your brand message into all flavours of news media.

Get Creative

Try something a little different

We're here to bring new ideas to your brand. We will help you take the next step up as a business, help you define your brand from the ground up or just give your business a refreshing new direction.

Take Control

Choose how your brand is portrayed

Take control over your reputation and control the message. We're proactive and will push you to make news, not just react to it. Start making headlines.

  • Why Choose SilverDisc ...

    Attentive & Professional
    We listen and we mean business
    Drive & Energy
    We relentlessly pursue our clients' goals
    Friendly & Sharing
    We'll go out of our way to help solve problems
    Ethical & Honest
    We give the best advice to protect your brand
    Smart & Precise
    We work intelligently, with attention to detail
    Innovative Thought Leaders
    We challenge accepted thinking

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