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Email Marketing Services

Take your brand to their inbox. Target and segment to achieve the maximum impact. Measure and track your campaigns to make improvements. We're here to make your marketing message stand out and dodge the spam folder.

Use email marketing to get right to their inbox. We've had years of experience crafting messages which not only resonate with your readers but improves return visits and increases sales. We will ensure you avoid junk folders and spam filters, build better relationships with your customers and drive your business online. We'll help you create meaningful customer segments to target differently to get better results. Work with us to tell your brand's story one to one with customers and help you increase engagement on your site.

We have, for many years, employed SilverDisc as our online marketing agency (allowing them to manage all aspects of our online marketing) and we have always found them to be a valuable business partner who has helped grow our business into a multi-million pound turnover one. We would have no hesitation in recommending SilverDisc to other businesses.

Andrew Dunkerley, Marketing Director, Be Wiser Insurance

Target and Segment

Customise your email campaigns

We know your customers aren't all the same. Segment and target your users into defined segments and approach each differently. We can help you offered a tailored marketing experience for you and your users, improving responses, returns and sales.


Track and Improve

Discover your best performing campaigns

Keep track of clicks, opens and trends. Run split tests and make informed improvements to your message. Get to know your audience and find new and better way to talk to them directly. We can help you interpret the actions of your readers and help you make real, effective improvements.



Send Your Message Direct

Get right to their inbox

Getting into your customers' inbox means you can get your message across direct. Say what you want to say in a personalised and targeted way without having to fight for their attention. Build relationships and reward customers for their loyalty, building a buzz around your brand.


  • Why Choose SilverDisc ...

    Attentive & Professional
    We listen and we mean business
    Drive & Energy
    We relentlessly pursue our clients' goals
    Friendly & Sharing
    We'll go out of our way to help solve problems
    Ethical & Honest
    We give the best advice to protect your brand
    Smart & Precise
    We work intelligently, with attention to detail
    Innovative Thought Leaders
    We challenge accepted thinking

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