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SilverDisc has been providing a quality ethical approach to Search Engine Optimization since the mid-90's and our founder, Alan Perkins, has helped define the Google Webmaster Guidelines still in use today. 

Google Lonely Hearts Advert

How To Romance Google This Valentine's Day

Hoping to strike up a special relationship with Google? As Valentine’s Day is approaching we thought we’d give you some pointers for making Google fall in love with your website. Read More...

Marketing and Car Sales

Car Salesmen, and Marketing. Are they using more tricks than we realise?

So for those of you that don’t know, I’ve recently got myself a new car – and I love it. Read More...

Remarketing and Flowers SilverDisc

Why do men buy flowers?

So the first thing that springs to mind for those more cynical folk among us is ‘an apology’… but what if he’s a genuinely nice bloke? Read More...


SilverDisc’s Top Ten Blog Posts of 2015

Happy New Year! It’s 2016 and the question on everybody’s lips is of course “What were the most popular blog posts on the SilverDisc website in 2015?” Let’s find out! Read More...

gr-e-a-t seo for google

How Expertise, Authority and Trust improve SEO for Google

Google has just published the latest version of its Search Quality Rating Guidelines. They give a valuable insight into what Google is looking for in its search results. Read More...


Online Marketing Methods: Are The Old Ones The Best?

Is there anything at all in the digital marketing world for which we can say the old methods are the best? In an industry that is ever-changing, is there anything that has stood the test of time? Hop into my virtual DeLorean and I’ll take you back in time to investigate. Read More...


Namaste – How Yoga Can Help At Work

So last week I took my first yoga class, and it was fantastic. I was told it was a laid back class, and I could take it at my own pace – and as I’d never done yoga before it sounded like the best way to ease myself in. Read More...

Google Local Business

5 Reasons To Optimise Your Google+ Business Page

Google+ is a strange beast. It’s the network that everyone has but no one uses. As a social network it never really took flight, but there are plenty of benefits that many seem to miss out on. Read More...