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Online Security

Why You Should Move Your Website To HTTPS

Did you know that from October, Google Chrome will begin showing a security warning to users when they enter information into websites that don’t have an SSL certificate? Read More...

Winter in summer

Summer Digital Marketing Roundup: What Are Your Plans for the Rest of the Year?

You may or may not be happy to hear this, but we’re now closer to Christmas than we are to the beginning of 2017. So here are the top five most popular posts on the SilverDisc blog so far in 2016, which just may give you a little inspiration for how you’ll spend the rest of the year. Read More...

What Is CEO Fraud, and How Can It Affect You and Your Business?

What Is CEO Fraud, and How Can It Affect You and Your Business?

CEO Fraud involves scamming the finance department of a business into transferring large amounts of money into a fraudster’s bank account. Read More...

Protect Your SME Against Ransomware

Five Ways To Protect Your SME Against Ransomware

Cybersecurity hit the headlines again last week, in the wake of the WannaCry ransomware attack that has affected around 150 countries and 200,000 organisations, including the NHS. But what practical steps can businesses take to protect themselves from ransomware attacks? Read More...

Flaws of Technology Evolution

Flaws of Technology Evolution - Web security basics

In the modern world, things such as payments, applications and registrations are all done online. You go to the doctor, and you check in through a device on the wall. Read More...

Are You A Robot? Spam Bot Solutions Explained

Are You A Robot? Spambot Solutions Explained

If you have any kind of online contact or comments form on your website, you may have experienced the problem of spam bots filling in your form with rubbish you'd rather not have to deal with. Here are some ways you can tackle the problem. Read More...

Cyber Security and Business Resilience

Cyber Security: “It's not just for the IT guys.”

After a little time to reflect – and having given our brains time to recover from the overwhelming amount of information shared at our cyber security event “Ever Been Hacked…off?” hosted by NNBRF, Read More...

Ever Been Hacked...Off?

Cyber Security - Is It Identity Theft or Identity Gift? – Part 2

Last week I shared with you the morning’s events at ‘Ever Been Hacked… Off?’, organised by the Milton Keynes Business Resilience Forum (MKBRF) and held at Bletchley Park. If you haven't already, read part one and then join us back here for part two. Read More...