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What Is PPC Marketing?

Search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo allow users to find what they are looking for online. PPC marketing, also known as pay-per-click or cost-per-click marketing, harnesses the searches that take place on search engines to deliver relevant traffic to advertisers’ websites. Read More...

SilverDisc Partners Connect: Retail & Shopping

Retailers - Profit more in 2018!

In just 10 days’ time, we are hosting an exciting and FREE event with Google at our Kettering office.What is it? Read More...

Google Machine Learning For PPC Bidding

Smart Bidding With Google AdWords & Bing Ads

Cost per click (CPC) bidding has been the bedrock of Search Engine Marketing for years, with advertisers setting the maximum amount they are willing to pay for a click on their keywords. Read More...

Data Driven Attribution Modelling

Attribution Modelling – Moving Away From Last Click Attribution

Following Kate’s blog on “Why Attribution Models are Key to Understanding Your Online Traffic”, Google have released a Data-Driven attribution model, which I will explain below, along with a focus on why it’s important to move away from the Last Click attribution model. Read More...

Online Marketing

3 Things I’ve Learnt in My First Two Months of Marketing

Fresh out of University, and wanting to dive into the world of marketing is exciting, but can be a little daunting. Read More...


How To Import AdWords Campaigns Into Bing Ads

If you already use Google AdWords for your PPC efforts and are thinking about branching out to Bing Ads, getting started may be easier than you think. This is because you can import your AdWords campaigns directly into Bing. Read More...

Winter in summer

Summer Digital Marketing Roundup: What Are Your Plans for the Rest of the Year?

You may or may not be happy to hear this, but we’re now closer to Christmas than we are to the beginning of 2017. So here are the top five most popular posts on the SilverDisc blog so far in 2016, which just may give you a little inspiration for how you’ll spend the rest of the year. Read More...

search engine

Who Uses Bing As Their Search Engine?

Nearly a third of PC searches in the US are powered by Bing Network, and the search engine boasts 524 million unique searchers worldwide. So who are these people, why do they choose Bing over Google, and how can advertisers win them over? Read More...