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Customer Renewals Reminder

5 Ways Digital Channels Can Help You Increase Customer Renewals

Do you offer services which require subscriptions or contracts? The internet offers many different - and effective - ways to remind your customers to renew their contracts with you when they are due to expire. Here are a few ideas. Read More...

Minion in shopping trolley

25 Ways To Get Repeat Business Online

What it is that makes a customer go back to a company to make a second (or third, or fourth) purchase? Here are 25 ideas for how your online business can generate repeat custom. Read More...

Colouring Pencils

The Only Thing That Should Be Separated By Colour Is Laundry

Colour blindness is a colour deficiency that affects 1 in 12 men, and 1 in 200 women in the world. In Britain, this means that there are 2.7 million colour blind people that see the world in a very different way. That’s a massive potential audience from a marketing perspective, so we need to make sure we’re accommodating their visual needs. Read More...

How The Big Retailers Are Tackling Christmas On Their Websites

A Look At How The Big Retailers Are Tackling Christmas On Their Websites

Last month Lorna provided twelve easy steps to get the most from your PPC campaigns this Christmas. Step three of her post was to make sure your website and landing pages are updated for Christmas, so following on from this we have decided to look at some of the ways the big retailers are tackling Christmas on their websites. Read More...

12 Easy Steps to Get the Most from Your PPC Campaigns this Christmas

12 Easy Steps to Get the Most from Your PPC Campaigns this Christmas

Christmas is the biggest time of year for many online businesses. If one of your main sales driving factors is PPC you need to make sure your campaigns are in good shape! We’ve broken the task of Christmas PPC preparation into manageable chunks and each working day, for 12 days before the start of December, we’ll suggest what you can do to optimise your PPC campaigns. Read More...

Landing Page Optimisation

Landing Page Optimisation: A Guide to Landing Page Tests

The results of an online marketing campaign are greatly influenced by the quality, design and content of landing pages. A great set of carefully chosen PPC keywords and well optimised ad text will only get you so far. If your website landing pages do not meet your visitors’ expectations for one reason or another, your campaign will most certainly suffer. Read More...

Optimising PPC Campaigns For Mobile

Optimising PPC Campaigns For Mobile

The release of the iPhone 5 and the growing smart phone penetration worldwide means that if ever there was a time to optimise your PPC campaigns for mobile - it’s now! According to Google, 49% of smart phone owners search on their smart phone every day so you should really make sure your campaigns are optimised for mobile so you can display ads to these searchers. Read More...

Five PPC Landing Page Mistakes

Five PPC Landing Page Mistakes

The landing pages used in your PPC campaigns play a pivotal part in whether your marketing efforts are successful or not. Having the right keywords and fantastic ad text will be rendered useless if your landing page does not hit the mark. Instead, a poor landing page will see people making their way to the back button and you’ll be left without the sale. Avoid making any of the following five mistakes to get the most from your PPC landing page. Read More...