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Planning Your Social Media Strategy

Planning Your Social Media Strategy: April Showers Bring Many Followers

How much time do you spend on social media? I’m referring of course to the amount of time you spend on your company’s social media strategy, rather than how many of those ‘Proper Tasty’ videos you watch on your Facebook news feed. Read More...

Remarketing and Flowers SilverDisc

Why do men buy flowers?

So the first thing that springs to mind for those more cynical folk among us is ‘an apology’… but what if he’s a genuinely nice bloke? Read More...

Google Local Business

5 Reasons To Optimise Your Google+ Business Page

Google+ is a strange beast. It’s the network that everyone has but no one uses. As a social network it never really took flight, but there are plenty of benefits that many seem to miss out on. Read More...

Social Media Marketing

Product Review: Hootsuite

Using social media well can help build brand identity, allow you to engage with new and existing customers and turn that engagement into sales. Whilst there are so many things that a brand or business can be doing on social media, it’s all about the bits that you’re not doing that will add value to your social marketing. Read More...

Complaints on Social Media

Complaints on Social Media

Social media is a great tool to engage with customers past, present and future. You can test the water with new products and get instant feedback from a loyal following that you already know are interested in your business. The question is: What should you do if the feedback you get isn’t what you want to hear? Read More...

AuthorRank and Authorship: What Is It?

AuthorRank and Authorship: What Is It?

Over the last few months there's been some fuss about the implementation of "authorship" by Google - and what it all might mean in the long run. We thought it would be worthwhile talking about what Google is doing about "Authorship". Read More...

Facebook Home On Android

Easter Digital Marketing Roundup

Have you missed out on the latest updates from the world of social media, mobile or pay-per-click advertising from the Easter period? You’re in luck – we’ve kept our ears to the ground for you! We cover: Facebook Update Cover Image Guidelines, Google+ Improvements, YouTube Reaching 1 Billion Users per Month, Facebook Home, Yahoo Buying Summly for $30 Billion, and Google Disapproving Phone Numbers in Ad Text. Read More...

Five Ways to Retain Customers With Social Media

Five Ways to Retain Customers With Social Media

Old marketing theory claims that it costs five times more to acquire a new customer than it does to keep one. Taking this on board, you should aim to go the extra mile with your after sales service and marketing. Social media is becoming an increasingly popular channel for retaining customers and this post covers five simple ways social media can be used to help keep customers returning. Read More...