Harry Perkins

Harry Perkins

29th June 2022

How to Reach a New Audience on Social Media

If you’re looking to increase your brand visibility and sales by expanding your reach and tapping into a whole new audience, social media is a great tool for doing this. Here are some quick tips on how to reach a new audience using your existing social media account:      

  • Post at different times than when you normally do 
  • Use a variety of hashtags, not the same ones all the time 
  • Geotag your posts  
  • Shake up your content  


Let’s dive into each point in more detail. 


Post at different times 

If you always schedule your social media posts for the same time of day and on the same days that you always do, then you’re going to reach the same people day in and day out - those who are on the platform at those times. By mixing up the times and days that you post, you will be able to cover different time periods and reach a larger audience who otherwise may not have seen as many of your posts. So try experimenting with different times. Not only could this help you to reach different people, but you may also find that your posts get more engagement than you thought they might at different times, so you could discover more successful ways to schedule that you wouldn’t have otherwise considered.


Use a variety of hashtags 

Using the same hashtags for every post can help you to establish a presence on those hashtags and become better known in those fields. However, you may want to experiment with different hashtags now and again to try to enter a different audience and to cover more ground. Explore the hashtags on the platform in question. You can do this by searching for different keywords, or by taking a look at competitors or accounts similar to yours to see if they are using hashtags you could also try.


Use Geotagging 

Geotagging means adding geographical metadata to your posts to show the physical location where the post was published. Geotagging your posts can help you hit an audience in a certain area, be that a local audience or an audience near one of your stores. Geotagging helps algorithms push to people who are in that area, which might be exactly what you are looking for.


Shake up your content 

If you are mainly posting about your products every day, while this can be a valuable way to bring in sales, there is much more you can do on social media – and there is more to your business than just your products or services. Share the people behind the processes and spread the news of the values that you hold. This helps to establish your brand while creating a vision to go alongside your product. Sharing the manufacturing process of a product instead of the product itself could help you reach customers who might be looking for this kind of craft content.


If you need help with your social media, please contact us. We tailor our social media services to suit your needs. Whether you’d like to reach a new audience with a new social media platform or you’d like to get more engagement from your current audience, we can help you.  

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