SilverDisc’s Top Ten Blog Posts of 2021

Sam Rose - Head of Content

Sam Alexandra Rose

5th January 2022

New year, new blog post roundup! Every year, we take a look at the most popular SilverDisc articles from the previous year, so here’s what we were writing and you were reading in 2021.


10. An Introduction To SEO Links

By Sam, 22nd April 2021

At number ten, I took us back to basics with an explanation of the different types of SEO links. We covered internal and external links, anchor text, follow and no follow links, and some link building strategies you could implement in your own marketing.


9. 10 Ways To Attract Customers Through B2B Content Marketing

By Megan, 16th July 2021

This article explains the difference between B2B and B2C marketing and provides ten ideas for attracting customers to your B2B company online. It also covers where to start with your B2B content marketing strategy, including developing customer personas and mapping out your sales funnel.


8. How Important Are Alt Tags For SEO?

By Megan, 20th January 2021

What are alt tags - also known as alt text - and why are they important for your SEO? If you’ve previously overlooked this element of SEO, read this article to find out some best practices for writing your image alt tags.


7. How to Generate More Leads From Your Website

By Perry, 28th April 2021

For lead generation websites, forms are often the most important part of the website - whether you use a general contact form or something more specific. Here we explain how you can optimise your website to increase this type of conversion and reach your lead capture goals. 


6. Google Algorithm Update: Core Web Vitals

By Paul, 12th February 2021

Google’s Core Web Vitals update was launched in May 2021, meaning Google began using the Web Vitals score as one of their ranking signals to drive traffic to websites that provide the best user experience. Read the article to find out what the three Core Web Vital metrics are and how you can work towards improving your website for these if you haven’t already.


5. What Is Content Marketing?

By Megan, 16th April 2021

This article from Megan defines content marketing and outlines the many different types of content you could add to your marketing strategy. It also includes tips for writing content, and plenty of links to our other articles that dive into the subject of content marketing in more detail.


4. Is Microsoft Bing Ads Worth It?

By Jason, 26th July 2021

Who uses Bing, anyway? Plenty of people in fact, and Jason explains why this means you should consider Microsoft Bing Ads as part of your paid search strategy. This article is great food for thought if you’re trying to decide if the platform is right for your business.


3. Why Should You Invest In Social Commerce?

By Eddy, 30th March 2021

Following on from his previous article Social Commerce Vs eCommerce, here Eddy discusses the future of social commerce and provides five reasons why ecommerce businesses should invest in paid social.


2. The Fall Of Arcadia: A Digital Oversight

By Eddy, 17th February 2021

In second place is this article on the collapse of retail group Arcadia in late 2020. We explain how the UK fashion market has changed in recent years and the challenges of competing in the world.


1. Social Commerce Vs eCommerce

By Eddy, 26th March 2021

Social commerce is ecommerce taking place solely on a social media platform, from consideration right through to purchase. This more recent and very interesting development is the topic of our most popular blog post in 2021, which explains what social commerce is, how it differs from ecommerce, and provides examples of how social commerce may look on different platforms.


Thank you for reading our blog posts last year - stick with us for more digital marketing insights throughout 2022!


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