Megan Watts - Digital Marketing Executive

Megan Watts

13th August 2020

5 Tools SilverDisc Uses to Maximise Efficiency

Most companies will have tools that they regularly use to help them function more collaboratively as a team, as well as to help promote efficient individual workflow. At SilverDisc, we all value planning, collaboration and time-management, so what tools do we utilise to stay ahead of the game? In this article we will explore how the tools that we use benefit our team and our clients.

1. Clockify

Clockify is a great tool to aid time management to ensure that each team member is spending their valuable time in the right way. As a team, we all track our time each day so that we can ensure time spent on each client and task is trackable and accurate. It’s important for us to ensure that we are putting the required time into each project and that no area is being underserviced. With Clockify, you can simply type in the activity you are working on, choose the relevant project, click “Start” on the timer and stop it when you’re finished.

Furthermore, as you can record all spent time, it is useful in helping to minimize distractions and procrastination while working from home. We can also use Clockify to create better estimates for future projects by analysing the time it normally takes to finish projects. The Report section allows us to see an overview of a day, week, month or other time period, and see how much time we have spent on each project during that time as individuals or as a whole team.

2. Asana

Asana is an excellent platform that provides scope for any employee of a company to be involved in any and all ongoing tasks and projects. It’s a place to assign tasks to yourself or other people, update colleagues on progress, create to-do lists, set due dates, mark tasks as complete, have discussions and share resources.

Put simply, Asana helps to remove the time working out what work you have. Between status meetings, scheduling conflicts and never-ending email chains, a lot of your time at work isn’t focused on the work itself, but on organising and facilitating that work. With Asana, communication is made focused and actionable and you’ll always know the status of work happening across your team, which is useful for all team members as well as the management team. 

SilverDisc has a multitude of varying client types, each with different needs, contracts and goals. In order to stay on track with planned tasks and collaborate effectively within teams, Asana helps us to stay really organised.

3. Google Drive

By now, I think it is safe to assume that most people out there have experienced the benefits of Google Drive – a secure place to keep all kinds of documents for individual use or to be used collaboratively, from any device anywhere in the world. For us, this includes creating documents, spreadsheets and presentations. 

You can share a Google Doc or Sheet with anyone who has a Gmail email address. This means that you can all work on a piece of work either at the same time or whenever suits you to get one master document created smoothly. It also means that you can share documents with clients and all work on projects together.

A great example of using Google Drive is for social media planning or creating content calendars. Once a template is created in a Google Sheet, anyone who needs access to it can work on the document and add posts due to go out on social media accounts whenever required. 

4. Git

Git is a version control system used by our web development team to share and work on code together. With Git, you are able to work offline which is a benefit that shouldn’t be underestimated.

One of the main benefits of Git is that it facilitates creativity and experimentation by removing the fear that the current version of the project you are working on will be affected while you are trying out ideas. Losing data and not being able to recover it can break a development project, so this provides an environment where you can explore and develop your project’s future features confidently. It also means that clients of SilverDisc can trust that their website development work is in safe hands.

5. Reporting Ninja

When it comes to digital marketing, Reporting Ninja is a reliable tool to utilise to create daily, weekly, monthly or one-off reports. Your PPC advertising and SEO reports become fully customisable and you can spend much more time working on your campaigns as opposed to creating reports from scratch in a Word document. Reporting Ninja automatically links directly to data from custom Excel sheets as well as sources such as Google Ads accounts Microsoft Advertising, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, social media platforms, and more. This means that any tables or graphs you add to the report will be automatically updated with data pulled in from these sources, for your specified timeframe. Reporting Ninja enables us to provide accurate reports for our clients, in a clear and professional format. 

Not only are they useful for us as a digital marketing agency, but you could also find them helpful for organising your marketing work, creating reports, tracking time, collaborating within your marketing team, and more.

In Need Of Marketing Support?

In terms of ensuring we provide the best possible service for our digital marketing and web development clients, these tools are just one part of the story. Our expert marketing and web development teams will work with you to build and market a website that helps you to meet your business goals.

If you would like to improve your marketing efficiency or any other aspect of your digital marketing system, get in touch with SilverDisc.

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