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| 20th December 2018

It’s been another busy year for the SilverDisc blog, bringing a variety of topics and insights each month designed to educate and enlighten readers on the benefits of digital marketing.

As 2018 draws to a close, let’s recount our top ten blogs of the year.

Bing Ads Introduces Price Extensions

Following their success in Google Ads, Bing brought the Price Extension format to their platform in late February.

A great tool for retailers, but also handy for service-based businesses with visible pricing structures, Price Extensions provided the ability for advertisers to showcase their product pricing more prominently and allow for cross-sell potential.

How Can Neuromarketing Help Improve Your Conversion Rate?

Back in February, Sam introduced us to the psychology of marketing and buyer behaviour.

Discussing the layouts of landing pages as well as drawing examples such as fonts, colours and images, Sam explained how even the smallest tweaks could make a big difference in improving conversion rates on your website.

Google Marketing Live 2018: What’s New With Google Ads?

We showed great interest in the Google Marketing Live event this year, so much so that we flew our MD out to attend it! Back in Kettering, the rest of the team sat down and digested the new features and tools available for us to use in Google Ads over the coming months.

Key themes included smart campaigns with integrated automated bidding strategies, campaign solutions designed for local businesses and the continued push towards responsive ad formats across both Search and Display networks.

10 Tips For Successful Email Marketing

Did you know that there are around 269 billion emails being sent each day? With that in mind, Elise talked us through the key tips for ensuring your email marketing campaigns really grab your audience’s attention.

From planning the content calendar and sending your emails out at the right time of day, the blog covered ten handy tips for anyone running email marketing campaigns.

What Is Audience Marketing - And Why Is It Key To Your Digital Growth?

Keywords have long been the bedrock of pay per click marketing as a targeting method, but 2018 has seen a growing emphasis towards the use of audience tools in Google Ads to supplement keyword strategies.

Mary talks us through the definitions and benefits of each of the audience targeting tools available to us in Google Ads - Remarketing Lists, Similar Audiences, Customer Match, Affinity Audiences and In-Market Audiences.

Bing To Remove Sidebar Text Ads

Bing has made various changes to its search engine and ad presence this year, introducing new ad formats and extensions alongside the improvements in their Shopping campaigns.

Back in April, Sam walked readers through the changes to Bing’s ad placements and the removal of side bar text ads, as well as the potential impact on ad performance.

How To Go The Extra Mile And Encourage Positive Reviews

Did you know that 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, and that 73% of consumers trust a local business more if they have positive reviews? Sam did!

In her blog she talked us through the importance of online reviews, creating a review strategy and going the extra mile online to ensure your business remains in a positive light – even in times of adversity.

How To Create A Great 'Contact Us' Page For Your Website

Our newest arrival Joel wrote a useful piece on Contact Us page formats, covering three key themes of style, functionality and the all-important call to action.

He emphasises the need to make your contact page a true reflection of your business in style, whilst also stressing the need for it to be easy to use to ensure that both existing and new customers are able to contact you with ease.

12 Ways To Make Your Blog Posts More SEO Friendly

Not everyone has a PPC focus for their online marketing, and many businesses are looking to SEO to develop their online presence organically.

As our head of content few are better placed than Sam to write a blog on SEO. In this piece, she covered twelve tips designed around blog content - including when to use your keywords in copy, writing for the reader and using effective titles and headings.

Winning Profitable New Business With Online Marketing

Back in March, SilverDisc and Google co-hosted an event in Warwickshire whereby our MD Alan and Google’s Joe McEntee discussed what Google had in store for online marketing in 2018.

In this piece Alan summarises the presentation for non-attendees, covering the upcoming “age of assistance”, the growth of audience-focus marketing and how Google’s AI continues to improve year on year.


We hope you have enjoyed our 2018 blogs, and we’ll be back in the New Year with more digital marketing insights, ideas and experiences for you all! Additionally, if you need any help with your online marketing and would like to speak to our digital marketing specialists, contact us online today.

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