Changes To Expanded Text Ads In Bing Ads

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| 29th November 2018
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Just over a week ago, Bing Ads announced changes to its Expanded Text Ads format. The changes involved increasing the size of character limits, as well as introducing additional headlines and descriptions, to give paid search marketers more scope to push their offering and encourage action from searchers.

These changes mirror recent changes made by Google to modify its Expanded Text Ads, and Bing following suit is great news for paid search marketers. This is because it allows for continued ease of PPC campaign imports from Google Ads to Bing Ads, with Expanded Text Ads matching up across both platforms.

In this blog we will outline the changes made to Bing’s Expanded Text Ads.

Changes to Bing Ads Headlines

The changes to Expanded Text Ads involve the addition of a third headline within ads. These headlines will sit side by side, giving equal opportunity for the headlines to show in a larger size than the descriptions – a great opportunity to move a call to action from the ad’s description line to a third headline for better visibility and engagement. Each headline will remain the same length, using a character limit of 30.

Changes to Bing Ads Descriptions

An additional description line has been added doubling the descriptions available in each ad. As well as an extra description line, Bing has also increased the character limit of the descriptions, with both description lines increasing from 80 characters to 90 characters. This gives you 180 characters worth of description to play with, rather than 80 previously.

How will the Expanded Text Ads look?

Bing have kindly mocked up an example of the new ad format below. This shows the three headlines side by side, as well as both description lines following one after the other rather than necessarily being on two separate lines.

Changes To Bing Ads ETAs

How should I use the new Headlines and Descriptions?

The addition of additional ad space should be viewed as a positive. You no longer need to choose between your two best USPs for ad headlines, you can add both in a single ad. Got a Free Delivery offer and a % off promotion for Christmas sales? Now you can reference both to really drive ad engagement and action on your website.

However, the challenge for paid search marketers will be to avoid “fluff” and repetition in ads. Use the additional headline and description space creatively and effectively, rather than reiterating the same points across headlines and descriptions. If you are unsure how to use the additional ad space, consider the following:

  • Review your existing ads to identify the best performing phrases and terminology – are there any stand-out headlines or description text that could be used alongside each other in a new ad?
  • Review your offering and potential USPs – are there any key benefits or calls to action that you are yet to use in ads? Is there additional detail that could be used in the ad to make your offering clear, simple and relevant to searchers?

The key to success will be experimentation. Don’t be afraid to try different messages and approaches in your ads, it’s how the optimal ads are forged.

To summarise, the changes to Bing’s Expanded Text Ads are:

Previous Expanded Text Ads New Expanded Text Ad Format
Headline 1 (30 Characters) Headline 1 (30 Characters)
Headline 2 (30 Characters) Headline 2 (30 Characters)
Description (80 Characters) Headline 3 (30 Characters)
  Description 1 (90 Characters)
  Description 2 (90 Characters)

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