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28th June 2018

How to Create a Great ‘Contact Us’ Page for Your Website

How important is your ‘Contact Us’ page to you? Not very? Or is it a page that tends, quite literally, to be left in the background? Those inclined to overlook this vital page, fail to realise the power it has to entice visitors and convince them to buy a service; the lasting impression it leaves on each individual visitor. But fear not, hands off the panic button, here are some of SilverDisc’s top tips on how to create a great ‘Contact Us’ page.


First things first, your contacts page should be an extension of the brand you have built throughout your website. Think about it like this: you land on a professional and responsive homepage for a service you are interested in purchasing. Its seamless and eye-catching style entices you into wanting to purchase this service, but unfortunately not all your questions are answered on the site. So, you navigate to the site’s ‘Contact Us’ link only to discover a bleak, desolate and tedious page. Its style is broken, and so is the positive impression you had of the business.

Therefore, the primary focus you should have in constructing a fantastic ‘Contact Us’ page, is to make sure its style fits the brand your website has established. A website is as much character and personality as it is information, so make sure this is not lost when your visitors seek to contact you. Think neat and tidy but packed with bites of essential information. The page will be the starting point of your relationship, so keep your image a positive one.


Yet all will be for nothing if the page does not work. Are your links functional? Is your contact information up to date? What impression will your company leave if this essential page does not fulfil its sole purpose? Many ‘Contact Us’ pages utilise the contact form, but you must consider whether this is best suited to your audience. Some visitors may be sceptical about whether a company will get back to them if they fill out a form, but revealing an email address may leave you vulnerable to spam. Would a virtual chat agent better suit your visitor? You should also make sure that your page is responsive; does it function on mobile or other handheld devices?

Bear in mind however, no one wants to jump through hoops when they have come so far to want to contact your business directly. So, it may be important to consider whether an FAQs section or even links to help pages will answer your visitor’s questions before they decide to pick up a phone or fill out a form. Create a cohesive user-experience for each and every visitor; we want a page that is easy on the eye and easy to use.

Call to action

Now we have a page that looks good and feels good. But does it read well? The copy on a ‘Contact Us’ page is an essential element of the impression it leaves on a reader. Does the page’s copy both attract your visitors and keep them interested? Is there a call to action?

But most importantly, have you checked your spelling and grammar? How would you feel if you are on a ‘Contact Us’ page ready to speak directly to a business, only to find a handful of spelling mistakes in the final call to action?

Go the extra mile

You now hold the foundations for the perfect ‘Contact Us’ page. The final ingredient we add before we release it into the world, is a sprinkle of personality. If your business has a set location, why not embed Google Maps into the page? Every competitor can write copy on the page, so why not use infographics to present this in a more colourful way? Will you present your page with simple copy accompanied by a contact form, or will you plunge into more creative depths?

You are limited only by your imagination, and possibly your technological flair, to utilise a ‘Contact Us’ page that captivates every visitor. 

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