How Sharing Knowledge Helps Our Web Development Team and Clients

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| 1st June 2018
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I have only recently joined the web development team at SilverDisc, but i have already learned much more than I thought I ever could!

I find it can be hard to put yourself into new situations, especially when you know it is not your area of expertise, but I think it can be quite important for character and personal development to plunge into this unknown.

I went into the development team with an open mind, and an eager attitude to learn and develop myself - alongside our clients' websites. But I was instantly struck with difficulties.

It can be hard to understand something you have no clue about.

The trick with web development is understanding how all the pieces link together and more importantly, where they link up. Anyone could be a developer if they understood the language, but like learning a new language, it can take time, and you will come face to face with hurdles, or in some cases, giant walls which stopping you from progressing. But this should never actually stop you from trying to progress.

At SilverDisc, I have been lucky enough to have some amazing teachers around me. People who will happily share with me their knowledge and experiences to help me develop as a developer, to not only help them with their projects, but to help myself, and the company as a whole. This also comes with great benefits for our clients, because the more work we can do as a team, the more efficient we can be and the more we can offer to them.

It is always important to share knowledge with colleagues, so we can help better ourselves and the company we work for as well as the work we do for our clients. For example, tips that help get a job done more efficiently, such as tips to save you writing multiple lines of code only to find out there is an easier way, can actually help build company efficiency so we can get more done faster, and it can also boost employee morale.

Everyone likes learning new things especially when they help you progress as a person, so next time you want to try a new role, or dive into a new department you’ve never experienced before, why not give it a go? Worst case scenario, you ask for help… We all need help sometimes and it is okay to ask.

What can help this process? Well, if anyone asks you for help, then help them if you can. Be the change you want to see in the world, and be the change you want to see at work. Help others, and share knowledge to try to create a better, more informed tomorrow.

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