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Kate Swanson
| 6th April 2018
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Over the last twelve months, Google has been gradually introducing its brand-new AdWords interface to accounts. Anyone who is regularly using AdWords will have noticed the notification prompting you to ‘Get more done. Try the faster AdWords’. So, what can you expect from this new interface that is promising a more efficient way of working? We look at how the appearance has changed as well as features that have been introduced and ones that have been updated or retired. 

Get More Done. Try the faster AdWords

As we click through to the new interface AdWords lands us directly on to the overview page. Here you are given a range of statistics on your account ranging from top search terms to the biggest spend changes by campaign. Complete with colourful graphs and diagrams, this section of the interface is notably easy to use and perfect for those who want quick access to account level data.

Working through the interface, Google have given all aspects of reporting a facelift. Data-heavy tables have been replaced with graphs and charts and even heat maps where possible. This visual change marks a recent focus from Google to make reporting faster, easier and more attractive. Those of us who like to see our numbers in a table will still find this data format and will easily be able to download anything needed.

Device Breakdown Chart

Moving Around the new Interface

The new interface aims to make navigation around AdWords easier and faster. Google have introduced a more layered look and feel. There is now a double left sided menu with a campaign breakdown and report selector. This brings aspects that were once buried in the navigation - such as placements, devices and ad schedule - to the forefront of the menu options and makes them much easier to make changes to. As you move deeper into the interface, navigation options become available at the top, as well as filtering and sorting choices.

Meanwhile for the main navigation bar, Google have stuck with wording. For the sorting and filtering options, symbols now replace what were once words. To begin with the symbols are difficult to pair with their old interface counterparts. However, once you have remembered their associations, they are much faster and easier to use. Google have succeeded in simplifying the navigation process as much as possible, while still giving users the same range of tools to utilise. 

Filtering and Sorting Options

Another example of Google’s simplified navigation is the introduction of keyboard shortcuts. It is now easier than ever to navigate through the AdWords experience (once you’ve learnt the many shortcuts). Navigation options range from moving between areas of the interface to creating new items and hiding the navigation bar. 
Keyboard Shortcuts

Discovering New Features

As well as overhauling the look, Google has also included some new features to further entice marketers to start using the new interface. New demographic targeting options are now available for search. We can now target and bid on users based on their household income and parental status. Businesses selling luxury products or that are looking to target families could benefit most from this addition.  Another new feature that is being welcomed is the promotion extension. These give marketers the option to highlight a special sale, saving valuable ad text space and giving the promo its own place to shine. It’s a great way to make your ads stand out even further and marketers have reported high CTR’s when using promotion extensions.

Managing bids is something we are always looking to make easier and faster. Advanced bid adjustments mean we can drive certain actions, such as call extensions or a call only campaign. This gives our client’s businesses maximum exposure and helps to drive conversions.  

Showcase shopping ads are another welcome addition to the new features camp. These essentially allow businesses to advertise a range of products rather than just a single product. It means we can better target those in the consideration stage and display a variety of products.

Missing and Changed Features

Since Google started introducing the new interface, they have been working on not only adding new features but also ensuring all of our old favourites are carried through. Some that have been changed during the move across are; the audience targeting types, “Target and Bid” is now known as “Targeting” and “Bid only” is now known as “Observations”. The dimensions tab is now known as “Predefined Reports” and “total conversion value” is now known as simply “conv. value”.


The display planner has been removed from the new interface. AdWords will now offer forecasts for display campaigns during the creation stage.

Getting used to the interface will be a learning curve for most of us. But, it is undeniable that the new interface offers an easier way to explore and visualise data, a faster way to navigate and some great new features. Google haven’t yet announced a date on which the official switch over will happen, but it will be in the near future so its worth getting to grips with the new interface sooner rather than later.

If you would like more information on PPC marketing or how you can get the most out of using the new interface, please get in touch with our team on 01536 316100.

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