Why Companies Should Share Their Christmas Celebrations Online

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| 8th December 2017

Christmas is the busiest time of the year for many businesses, particularly retailers. This means that marketing activity is ramped up to its highest – you can’t turn around without seeing a festive supermarket advert on TV, or having a promotional email land in your inbox. Every retailer wants to show you their latest offers and get you to do as much of your Christmas shopping with them as possible – whether that’s getting the food shopping in for the big day, or buying all your gifts.

But as marketers, we should recognise that there is more to Christmas than the hard sell. While it’s important to promote the latest products, deals and offers to make sure you get in front of potential customers, there are other ways to make your business seem appealing during Christmas. And thinking particularly in terms of social media and email marketing, it’s good to take a break from product promotion once in a while.

So, what else is there? Christmas is about taking a break from work and everyday life to spend quality time with friends and family. Food, decorations, gifts – and of course religion, for some – all play a big part in the celebrations, but it’s also about the people around us. Businesses could do well to show their customers that they care about this side of the holidays too, and not just the commercial aspects.

With that in mind, businesses could use social media, email marketing or blogging to show how they are celebrating Christmas within their company. Work meals, shop or office decorations, Christmas buffet spreads, charity events, Christmas card or gift exchanges, are all things your business may be doing around this time of year, and things you could be talking about. Having a Christmas jumper day? Take some photos for the company Facebook page. Raising money for charity? Let people know how much you’ve raised and how they can contribute.

Sharing this kind of thing shows that the business treats its staff well, and is a fun place to work with happy employees who probably provide their customers with an excellent service as a result. It helps you to build your brand, makes you seem more personable, and shows that you’re so much more than a faceless business. You are a team of friendly, relatable people who enjoy Christmas as much as your customers do. It also gives your followers and website visitors a break from continually being sold to, while still maintaining your online visibility.

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