3 Things I’ve Learnt in My First Two Months of Marketing

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| 8th September 2017

Fresh out of University, and wanting to dive into the world of marketing is exciting, but can be a little daunting. Fortunately it only took a short while to start my dream career, with a company that specializes in digital marketing.

Since finishing my degree and entering the working world, I realised there is a whole new language to learn with marketing – there are terms for everything! With the support from the team, I feel I am picking this up well.

I want to share three examples of what I have learnt so far from working at Silverdisc.


 1.       Using AdWords

Google AdWords was not something I was familiar with at university. In fact I had never used it before. Since joining SilverDisc, I have learnt how important AdWords is as a pay-per-click platform, for marketers to carry out successful digital marketing. AdWords works as Google’s online advertising service, allowing businesses to display their ads and only pay when someone clicks their ad. Advertisers can use keywords, which are words or phrases that describe their product or service. Selecting relevant keywords for ad campaigns helps advertisers target only potential customers interested in their product or service. Although there is so much information to learn and take in when using AdWords, becoming familiar with the interface is great practice for everyday work and certification. Regularly viewing, and using the platform on a daily basis, along with their fundamentals guide, has brought me one step closer to becoming a certified AdWords user.

 2.       Keeping up to date with the latest marketing news

It is very important to keep up to date with the latest trends, strategies, approaches and technological advances. Also keeping a close eye on your competition is key, so you can stay ahead!

How do I do this?  

Using networking sites including LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter is an excellent way to follow marketing experts, influencers and news. You can also receive Google Alerts specific to your topic of interest, whether this is blogging, social media, content writing or anything else of relevance.

 3.       Using Mailchimp

Since working for SilverDisc I have learnt how to use Mailchimp to create, manage and distribute email newsletters. As a novice, this is a very user-friendly tool that guides you towards a professional end result. It has a simple to follow layout, as well as lots of useful features for email marketing. Some of the features I find useful are the ability to schedule emails in advance, segment your lists for your target audience and track the number of clicks and opens received. It is also vital before sending any newsletter, that you send it to yourself beforehand for testing. This gives you a chance to rectify any mistakes and test any links to ensure you are directing customers to the right webpage.

Although there is still a lot to learn, I have enjoyed my journey so far and I am looking forward to continuing this journey with SilverDisc.

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