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10th March 2017

Snapchat for Business

Whilst some of you may be of the mindset that Snapchat is just another social media platform amongst a long list of others, it actually has a fair bit of business potential. Snapchat only exists as an app, meaning it’s an on-the-go, real-time feed that can’t be faked. Whilst Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram can have scheduled posts, Snapchat can’t. And this makes it an honest portrayal of your business right here and now.

  • Snapchat has 100 million active daily users
  • 86% of Snapchat’s users fall into the 13-37 age range
  • 5+ billion videos are viewed on Snapchat each day
  • Snapchat has higher organic engagement compared to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Arguably quicker and more engaging than Twitter, Snapchat allows your business to send real-time snippets of information directly to your customer’s phone. Add to that the amusing filters (some of which are sponsored), ability to add stickers and content, and you have yourself a platform to creative interesting, and amusing content.

Snapchat also brings with it the advantage of exclusivity. After you’ve seen it, it’s gone. You have one chance to pay attention (well, technically two if you replay it), and then the content is lost forever. This forces your audience to pay attention, which, let’s be honest, has to be a good thing. It’s this exclusivity that is the key to its success. Snapchat users love the feeling of exclusivity, and it makes the perfect platform to reward your followers with exclusive deals and discount offers.

However, the nature of Snapchat means it’s absolutely not suitable for very business. For a lifestyle type brand, it’s perfect. Think clothing, food, health and spas, and you have a platform to deliver a fun and original message to your followers. If you’re a plumber, sell furniture, or work on a B2B type of business model, it’s probably not for you.

But if you are interested, the first step is to set up a snapchat account. It’s a really simple process - all you need to do is download the app from iTunes or Google Play. After that it’s a case of familiarising yourself with the ins and outs of the app itself, and concentrating on building your following with a unique marketing strategy. Good luck!

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